How to use Where Are U, the app for 112 emergency calls

Can an app save our lives? The answer is Where Are U, the single European emergency number (NUE 112), which sends location in emergency calls

Can an app save our lives? The answer is yes, if the app in question is Where Are U. This is the service that allows you to contact, by sending our location, the NUE 112 Single Response Centers, or the single European emergency number, available in case of any emergency.

The NUE 112, as we said, is the single number for emergencies available free of charge throughout Europe. By dialing it you can request the intervention of the Carabinieri, the Police, the Fire Brigade or the Health Service. Depending on our various emergencies. Why is the Where Are U app so important? The uniqueness of this application, in addition to being free of charge, lies in the fact that it "dialogues" with the information system of the NUE 112 Single Response Centre, allowing for precise localisation even in cases where the person in distress or danger does not know or is unable to provide precise data on his or her position.

How Where Are U Works

How Where Are U Works

Using Where Are U is very simple. The app detects the location via GPS and our smartphone's data network. When you call, the location is transmitted via data network or via SMS, in case the data connection is not available. The dual transmission channel ensures that the position is always sent whenever a phone call is possible. If you are threatened, not by a physical event but by a person, the app also allows you to make a silent call to alert the rescue team. Through special buttons it is also possible to signal the type of rescue required. It should be remembered that the NUE 112 called without using the app allows an approximate location while if used through the app allows you to send our exact location. Obviously, all the data recorded during the calls are used exclusively to carry out the rescue service. There are no problems in terms of privacy. Where Are U is available for free for both Android and iOS smartphones, and there is also a Windows Mobile version.