How to view your Instagram profile photo

Here are a few ways to enlarge and view your Instagram profile photo in the best possible way using suitable apps on Android and iOS devices.

Instagram is the social network dedicated to images par excellence: a space to share your photos and videos with friends and acquaintances, in a fast and fun way. Yet for many it's a limitation that the Instragram profile photo is so small, and therefore doesn't allow you to visualize the user perfectly. In reality, however, things are not quite like that: there are methods, in fact, to zoom in on these images and make them more visible.

To do this you need to install special apps, or use the web. If in the past this was possible directly from Instagram, through a special internal feature, nowadays this doesn't exist anymore and it's necessary to use apps created for this purpose.

Why enlarge Instagram profile photos

But what's the point of enlarging Instragram profile photos? Since the original ones are very small, it's often hard to see exactly who you're interacting with, or it can be hard to recognize the person accurately anyway. That's why sometimes it's handy to be able to see the images in a larger size and resolution.

Istagram Profile Picture Enlargement Apps

So to get a better look at your Instagram profile picture there are a number of free apps, for iPhone and Android, that allow you to zoom in and view the photo in high resolution.

Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture on Android

A great app for enlarging your Instagram profile picture on Android is Profile Picture Download, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. After installing and launching it, you'll just need to access the main screen and add the username of the person whose profile picture you want to view enlarged. At this point, clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the user profile: here you can view the enlarged Instagram profile photo. It will also be possible to download it by clicking below on "Download this pictur".

Enlarge Instagram profile picture on iOS

If you want to enlarge Instagram profile picture on iPhone instead, you can use Photo Viewer For Instagram, which in a few simple steps allows you to achieve the goal. Once you've downloaded and installed the app, you'll have to access the main screen and type in the name of the user whose profile picture you want to view in the appropriate field. Then just click on the search result to automatically display the image.

Sites for viewing Instagram profile photos

The same result obtained with the app can also be obtained through special services that are found directly online. Useful for those who prefer to use a computer or for those who already have their smartphone memory too full and can't install new apps. A great site to see the profile photo of Instagram enlarged is Instadp, which allows a high-resolution view. Not only that: this site is also useful to anonymously view the stories and reels of the user in question, without being subscribed to the social network. A useful option, then, for those who want to remain in the shadows.

How to use it? Simple. After connecting to the site, you must enter the name of the user whose photo you want to view in the field at the top and start the search. At this point just press the "full size" button to zoom in on the Instagram profile photo. It will also be possible to download the image of interest, through the "Download" button: in this way it will open in a new browser tab. At this point, as you do to download any image, you'll just have to right-click on it and press the "Save image as" button.

Another useful online service to achieve the same result is ThumbTube, which is easy and immediate to use. This site allows you not only to view your profile photo, but also to download other photos and videos from Instagram. Also in this case the use is very simple. Once connected to the site's home page, you'll have to access the Instagram Downloader item and then press on Instagram Profile Picture Downloader. At this point you will have to type in the text field the username of the person of interest and click on the "Submit" button. The profile picture will then be displayed, which can be enlarged through the "View HD" button. Also in this case the picture can be saved by clicking on it with the right mouse button and selecting "Save Picture As".