How to watch DAZN with Amazon Fire Stick

DAZN will broadcast all the matches of Serie A TIM 2021-2022: here's how to download the app, configure the account and watch them on Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV

It's now known: the Serie A TIM 2021/22 championship will be fully streamed by DAZN, the world's leading sports platform. From August, the service will broadcast 10 matches per day, of which 7 in exclusive and 3 in co-exclusive.

Many have already subscribed to the service and equipped to cope with the novelty by choosing a fiber optic Internet connection that guarantees the necessary stability, then to avoid buffering or slowdown that would end up mortifying the soccer matches. The devices compatible with DAZN are many, from computer to tablet, but to live a unique experience - waiting for the stadiums reopen for all - many fans will watch DAZN comfortably on smart TV from the couch at home. Among the most popular options for sports fans is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a stick capable of making smart (or smarter) any TV through movies and TV series from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, or, indeed, streaming sports. But how to do to watch DAZN with an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

See DAZN with Amazon Fire TV Stick: how to install the app

The first thing to do to watch Serie A TIM 2021-2022 streaming is to install the DAZN app on Amazon Fire TV Stick, if you do not find it already installed or if you had not done so previously. For simplicity's sake though, and to provide complete information to everyone, let's go through the steps from the beginning as if you don't have the DAZN app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and you haven't registered for the service yet.

To download and install the app you need to open the App section on the Fire TV home screen or on the screen where you use the Fire TV Stick, scroll to the right until you find the DAZN app and follow the installation instructions.

If it is already installed on your device and needs an update to work properly, the Update button will appear on the App section screen. After the ok, some devices require a further confirmation, in this case you should click the Update App Now button. After installing or updating the app, it's time to create the user profile.

How to create a DAZN account and watch Serie A 2021-2022 matches

To create a DAZN account via Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick you need to be in Spain, Japan, Germany, Austria, Canada or, of course, Italy: better to specify it during the summer, because many may be on vacation abroad. You start by opening the application on your Amazon device and then choosing the option to create an account.

Following that, you have to enter your personal and contact information, keeping in mind that regardless of the email address used, the account with DAZN is and will remain different from the account with Amazon.

Having done that, you have to confirm the creation of the account and complete the procedure to get it, at the end of which the standard Amazon confirmation window will open in which to press Done to start watching DAZN. Keep in mind that you can access the service using any device by entering the credentials previously created for the account. Well, now the user will always have the DAZN app icon on the screen: he will just have to select it to watch any Seria A game of his interest.