How to watch Eurovision Song Festival 2019 on TV and streaming

Find out where to watch on TV and live streaming for free Eurovision Song Festival 2019, the most important European music event

The Eurovision Song Festival is the most important music competition that is organized in Europe and which also sees Italy involved. In the competition 26 singers coming from European countries and who have passed the semifinals (held during the week) challenge each other. The appointment with Eurovision 2019 is for Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 20:35 . To host the event will be Israel, winner of the last edition. Defending the colors of Italy will be Mahmood with the song Soldi, winner of the Sanremo Festival 2019.

In Italy, Eurovision (formerly called Eurofestival) has made a comeback only in the last 5-6 years, since RAI decided to broadcast the final of the music competition on RAI 1. And that will be the case for the 2019 edition of Eurovision 2019 as well. Italy is among the favorites for the final victory: bookmakers have included Mahmood in the list of the five best songs in the competition. For Italy this is a golden opportunity: it is since 1990 with Zangrillo that we do not win the Eurofestival.

As anticipated, Eurovision 2019 will be broadcast live on TV on RAI 1 and fans can also follow it in live streaming on RaiPlay.

Eurovision 2019: schedule

The Eurovision 2019 TV connection will start at 20:35. After the initial greetings, the competition will start immediately with the first competing artist (Malta). To find out the winner will have to keep the wee hours: award ceremony scheduled after midnight.

The lineup and the competing songs at Eurovision Song Festival 2019

Malta: Michela Pace with "Chameleon"

Albania: Jonida Maliqi with "Ktheju tokës"

Czech Republic: Lake Malawi with "Friend of a friend"

Germany: Sisters with "Sister"

Russia: Sergey Lazarev with "Scream"

Denmark: Leonora with "Love is Forever"

San Marino: Serhat with "Say na na na"

Northern Macedonia: Tamara Todovska with "Proud"

Sweden: John Lundvik with "Too Late For Love"

Slovenia: Zala Kralj - Gasper Santl with "Sebi"

Cyprus: Tamta Goduadze with "Replay"

Netherlands: Duncan Laurence with "Arcade"

Greece: Katerine Duska with "Better Love"

Israel: Kobi Marimi with "Home"

Norway: KEiiNO with "Spirit in the Sky"

United Kingdom: Michael Rice with "Bigger Than Us"

Iceland: Hatari with "Hatrio mun sigra"

Estonia: Victor Crone with "Storm"

Belarus: Zena with "Like it"

Azerbaijan: Chingiz with "Truth"

France: Bilal Hassani with "Roi"

Italy - Mahmood with Money

Serbia: Nevena Božović with "Kruna"

Switzerland: Luca Hanni with "She Got Me"

Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke with "Zero Gravity"

Spain: Miki Núñez with "La venda"

When Mahmood sings at Eurovision 2019

There is no exact time, only the Eurovision 2019 setlist is known. Mahmood will perform twenty-second: scheduled time after 23:00

How to vote at Eurovision 2019

The voting system of Eurovision 2019 is quite complicated. Every participating nation (even those eliminated in the semifinals) can cast their vote, choosing the 10 best songs. The score is assigned in this way: from 1 to 7 points respectively from the tenth to the fourth, 8 points to the third, 10 to the second and 12 to the first. All the points assigned by the national juries are added up and a first partial ranking is drawn up. At this point the televoting comes into play and can overturn the situation, or confirm the vote. It is important to know that a nation cannot vote for its own singer.

How to watch Eurovision 2019 on TV

To watch Eurovision 2019 on TV just connect to RAI 1 from 20:35, the start time of the live broadcast.

How to watch Eurovision 2019 live streaming for free on RaiPlay

If you spend Saturday night at your friends' house, but do not want to miss Mahmood, you can watch Eurovision 2019 live streaming for free on RaiPlay, the on-demand platform of the State TV.

To access RaiPlay you do not need to pay any subscription, but only subscribe to the platform. RaiPlay is available both on the browser and by downloading the application from Google Play Store and App Store.

To follow the Eurovision 2019 free streaming you have to launch RaiPlay, enter your credentials and click on the menu item "Directed". A new page will open with all Rai channels and clicking on Rai 1 banner will start streaming Eurovision 2019.