How to watch free Atalanta – Villarreal of Champions

The match between Atalanta and Villarreal for the qualification to the Champions League round of 16 will be played tonight at 9pm: here's how to watch it for free in streaming

Gasperini's Atalanta tonight plays everything: the Dea's European dreams pass from a victory against Unai Emery's Villarreal. It's not an impossible challenge for the Nerazzurri, strong with the fourth place in Serie A just conquered, who are called to win against a Villarreal mired in the thirteenth place of the Spanish La Liga.

The Champions League challenges, however, you know, have a different flavor, and the music that precedes the kickoff is pure gasoline even for the most struggling team. Consequently, the UEFA Champions League challenge between Atalanta and Villarreal has an outcome that is anything but predictable: after all, the two teams are paired in the standings of Champions Group F, with Gasperini's men third with six points and Emery's men second with one point more. Atalanta, however, is the master of his own destiny, and to get a ticket for the Champions League round of 16 will have to win against Villarreal, this evening at the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo.

Where to see Atalanta - Villarreal Champions League for free

A match, that between Atalanta and Villarreal Champions League, crucial for the European fate of the Nerazzurri of Bergamo, the classic that no lover of good soccer would ever want to miss. The Champions League 2021-2022 is the protagonist of a real revolution in which there is the paw of Amazon Prime Video, which has obtained the exclusive transmission of the 16 best matches on Wednesday from the beginning of the UEFA Champions League 2021-2022.

No Sky then to see Atalanta - Villarreal of Champions: the satellite broadcaster from this year and for the next two will be able to broadcast 121 of the 137 matches on the calendar, among which Atalanta - Villarreal tonight does not fall. So, where to watch Atalanta - Villarreal of Champions League? The 9 p.m. match on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 will be visible on live TV and streaming only on Amazon Prime Video. No broadcast on a traditional free-to-air broadcaster, no live on Sky: only Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be able to see it.

How to watch Atalanta - Villarreal of Champions for free

To watch Atalanta - Villarreal of Champions for free at 9pm, you therefore need an Amazon Prime Video account. The connection from the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo will start already at 19:30, when the pre-match of the crucial Champions League challenge will begin. At 9 pm the kick-off, which will see the microphones of Sandro Piccinini with the technical contribution of Massimo Ambrosini.

Although Atalanta - Villarreal of Champions is exclusive for Amazon Prime Video subscribers, you can watch it for free thanks to the free trial period put on the plate by the e-commerce giant. Activating the trial in fact, you will get free for 30 days the opportunity to see the Champions League matches broadcast by Amazon Prime Video, enjoy the huge catalog of movies and TV series as well as get free shipping of items purchased on Amazon.

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