How to watch Lucifer 5 streaming in Italian

Lucifer 5 has been available to stream online since August 21, 2020. Here's how to watch the TV series on your TV, computer, smartphone and tablet

Lucifer 5 has been available to stream since August 21, 2020. One of the most anticipated TV series of the summer is finally available on the streaming platform and to see it you need to be a Netflix subscriber. Lucifer has slowly managed to win over more and more fans, so much so as to deserve first a fourth season and then even a fifth (divided into two parts) and a sixth, which will be the last.

Netflix has had the merit of creating a lot of interest on the fifth season of Lucifer, publishing on its social channels some trailers and leaking some images directly from the set. Lucifer 5 introduces a new character: Michael, Lucifer's twin brother who will bring a breath of fresh air to the TV series. But above all he will become the perfect nemesis for Lucifer Morningstar. The character will be played again by Tom Ellis, who will play both characters.

To watch Lucifer 5 streaming you need to be a Netflix subscriber and use one of the supported devices: smart TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets and TV dongles. Here's how to do it.

Lucifer 5: previews

The trailers released by Netflix have greatly increased the curiosity of fans. What motivations led Michael to descend from Heaven and take over the life of his twin brother? When will Lucifer Morningstar return from Hell? And above all, what will happen when the twin brothers meet for the first time? Sono tante le domande che troveranno una risposta nei primi otto episodi della quinta stagione di Lucifer.

Quante sono le puntate di Lucifer 5

La quinta stagione di Lucifer 5 è divisa in due parti e per il momento Netflix ha pubblicato solo la prima. In questa prima parte gli episodi sono otto dalla durata media di 55-60 minuti. Ecco il nome delle otto puntate di Lucifer 5:

  • Un povero diavolo
  • Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
  • Diablo!
  • La fine del pollo
  • Detective Amenadiel
  • BlueBallz
  • Il nostro potere
  • Spoiler alert

Quando esce Lucifer 5

La prima parte di Lucifer 5 è disponibile su Netflix dalle ore 9:00 del mattino del 21 agosto. Come capita per la maggior parte delle serie TV di Netflix, tutti gli episodi sono stati rilasciati in contemporanea.

Dove vedere Lucifer 5 in TV

Lucifer 5 è una serie esclusiva di Netflix e per vedere i nuovi episodi è necessario avere un abbonamento alla piattaforma. To see Lucifer on TV you need to use a smart TV where the Netflix app is installed, or use a device that makes the TV smart and allows the installation of the application.

How to watch Lucifer 5 streaming in Italian

To watch Lucifer 5 streaming, in addition to having the Netflix subscription, you need to use one of the ad hoc devices: smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition, you must also have a good internet connection. If you have all these requirements, then you can watch Lucifer 5 streaming on Netflix: launch the platform, enter the credentials and in the home page you will find the box dedicated to the TV series. Just open it and click on the play button to stream the first episode of Lucifer 5.

The TV series is shot in English. To watch Lucifer 5 streaming in Italian you need to change the language on Netflix. The process is very simple: you have to start playing an episode, press 'comic book icon and under "Audio" set Italian.