How to watch movies and TV series for free on Netflix the legal way

There are little tricks, perfectly legal, to put into practice to get months of free Netflix at home, here's how to do it the easy way

Do we love TV series and movies but don't want to spend money to sign up for a monthly subscription plan? If our dream is to slip into the winter months under the covers and watch movies and TV shows on Netflix for free, we have great news for you: it's possible. And it's not illegal.

No, we're not talking about the old free month trick. The video streaming platform, as you well know, offers several subscription plans, for single users or for a group of friends, and to all of them it offers a month-long trial totally free. Many users, in order not to pay the monthly subscription, create accounts every 30 days to take advantage of the Netflix offer. This is a ploy that requires time and patience, but that many for some time have used to avoid paying Netflix. A technique used by so many people that Netflix has begun to identify the devices used for its on-demand platform and began to block the playback in those devices that too often connected with a different free plan.

How to get free Netflix

To get Netflix for free, however, there is another trick, always legal. And there will be no need every 30 days to change accounts and lose different time to update all the information. If we are customers of 3Fiber, the fiber optic operator Tre Italia, or if we are thinking of activating a subscription with 3Fiber at home or at the office, we will have three months totally free to watch all the movies and TV shows in the catalog on the Netflix application. There will be no need for subscriptions, payment methods or anything else, we'll just have to activate the promo code included in our home Internet tariff. The three free months are available according to the Standard plan of Netflix, that is viewing in HD on 2 screens simultaneously. The savings is €10.99 per month for three months. If we have a 3Fiber subscription plan at home we can therefore do one thing: first test the service with the free monthly plan and then activate the Tre Italia promotion to get the three months with the Standard plan of Netflix. In this way we will have four months totally free of Netflix at home. In short, prepare blankets, popcorn and stereo system because this winter we will enjoy the best TV series and the best Netflix original movies without paying a euro.