How to watch RaiPlay

RaiPlay is Rai's on-demand service. Here's how to see live streaming channels or programs on demand

RaiPlay is the streaming service of the State TV and offers users the opportunity to follow live on your smartphone or computer programs of Rai television channels or review content at any time. The streaming platforms are services that allow the transmission of video and audio content over the Internet and are accessible at any time, the important thing is to have a data connection and a device (computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV).

If reading the definition of RaiPlay you thought of Netflix, you were wrong. The two platforms share some features (they both work in streaming), but they differ in many others. On RaiPlay, for example, you can watch live streaming of all Rai channels: just connect to the platform to start watching Rai 1, Rai 2 or RaiSport+ HD. On Rai's on-demand service you can also watch original TV series and movies produced by the state-owned company: just connect to the platform to watch them for free (you need to register) at any time of the day. Here's how to use RaiPlay on your smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

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What is RaiPlay

RaiPlay is a streaming platform where you can watch live TV channels of Rai or programs, TV series and movies broadcast in the previous days. RaiPlay is free of charge, there is no need to pay any monthly or annual subscription.

How to watch RaiPlay

There are several methods to watch RaiPlay. We can directly access the website, download the free application for smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store and App Store, or download the app for the smart TV and associate your RaiPlay account with your TV.

It should be specified that you can watch RaiPlay on your TV only if you have a smart TV capable of connecting to the Internet.

To watch live streaming of Rai channels on RaiPlay you need to launch the application, press on the icon with three vertical lines, select TV Channels and then on Directs. A screen will open with all available channels and by clicking on the channel you want to watch (for example Rai Due) the streaming will start.

If, instead, you want to watch a program that has already been aired, you have to enter RaiPlay, click on the icon with three horizontal lines, select On Demand and then click on one of the available categories: Film, Fiction, TV Series, Children, Programs, Teche Rai, Documentaries, Music and Theater. At this point a new page will open with all available content. In order to watch on-demand content on RaiPlay it is necessary to be registered on the platform.

How to register on RaiPlay

As already mentioned, RaiPlay is a free service, but in order to access the programs available on demand it is necessary to be registered. In order to register on the platform, it is necessary to open RaiPlay (from the website or from the application), click on the "Login" button and then on "Register". A screen will open allowing the user to register via Facebook, Twitter, Google or their own e-mail address. Depending on the service chosen, you will have to follow all the steps and at the end you will have a registered account on RaiPlay.

If you decide to watch the service from your smart TV, the registration phase is a bit longer. First you have to register to the platform (following the steps we just explained) and then you have to associate your smart TV to your account. Opening the RaiPlay app from the smart TV, click on the icon with three horizontal lines in the top left corner, then on Support and finally on "Associate TV". A five-digit code to be entered to complete the pairing process will appear on the smart TV screen.

What programs are available on RaiPlay

RaiPlay is a service very similar to SkyGo, Sky's on-demand service. Users have the possibility on the one hand to watch live streaming of State TV channels, on the other hand to watch at any time original productions, films, TV series and programs broadcast by Rai.

On RaiPlay all programs broadcast by Rai channels in the last week, TV series aired and original content produced by Rai are available. State TV has recently decided to invest heavily in RaiPlay and is beginning to produce original programs that are broadcast exclusively on the online platform. The first program is Viva RaiPlay, a TV show hosted by Fiorello that started on November 13, 2019. After the first episodes aired on Rai Uno, Fiorello's new TV show is only available on RaiPlay. The episodes are published on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 20:30.

What is Viva RaiPlay

Viva RaiPlay is the first original program produced by Rai exclusively for RaiPlay. To watch Viva RaiPlay you must launch RaiPlay, enter your account credentials and click on the box dedicated to the program on the homepage. At this point it will open a page with all the episodes broadcast so far and clicking on the one you want to see will start streaming the program. As said, Viva RaiPlay is broadcast on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:30 pm.

The program has also its own life on the radio: on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 11:45 am it is broadcast on Radio 2 "Viva RaiPlay alla Radio". In forty-five minutes Fiorello's best gags and monologues are reproposed. Rai's radio stations can also be listened to in streaming on RaiPlay Radio or on the RaiPlay Radio app available for free for Android smartphones and iPhone.