How to watch Stranger Things 3 streaming in Italian

Find out where to watch Stranger Things 3 streaming in Italian on smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs

Almost a year after the second season, Stranger Things 3, one of the on-demand platform's most successful series, arrives on Netflix on July 4, 2019. The new season is directed again by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer and will be set in Hawkins in the summer of 1985. The writers have assured that it is the "biggest season ever" and is divided into eight episodes.

Because it is a Netflix exclusive series, all episodes of the third season of Stranger Things are released simultaneously. There is no weekly wait: starting on the morning of July 4, users will be able to start watching the new episodes of Stranger Things 3. Fans have a double option to watch Stranger Things 3: on TV or streaming on smartphones, tablets and computers. Logically you have to be a Netflix subscriber to watch the TV series on your favorite device.

Stranger Things 3: previews

A small clarification before you start reading this paragraph: it contains spoilers. If you don't want to spoil the third season of Stranger Things, our advice is to read directly the next paragraph.

Summer has arrived in Indiana. Stranger Things 3 is set in July 1985: school is over and the kids can enjoy a well-deserved rest. In the new season of the TV series we will find again the usual protagonists: Eleven no longer has to hide and can finally live his life. The boys spend their days between the mall and the pool, and discover what it means to be friends and what love is. There will also be new characters that will bring some turmoil to Hawkins. Ma non è tutto. Dal Sottosopra è in arrivo una minaccia che complicherà la vita a molti dei ragazzi.

Quali sono le puntate di Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 è suddiviso in otto episodi da circa 40-50 minuti. Ecco il nome delle otto puntate:

  • Suzie, mi ricevi?
  • Incubi
  • Il caso della bagnina scomparsa
  • La sauna
  • L’origine
  • Il compleanno
  • Il morso
  • La battaglia di Starcourt

Quando esce Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 è disponibile su Netflix da giovedì 4 luglio 2019 e le puntate potranno essere viste in qualsiasi momento dagli appassionati.

Dove vedere Stranger Things 3 in TV in italiano

Stanger Things 3 è una serie TV prodotta da Netflix e disponibile sulla piattaforma di video streaming. Per guardare in TV Stranger Things 3 in italiano è necessario essere abbonati a Netflix e avere una smart TV compatibile con il servizio. Alternatively you can buy a dongle to connect to your old TV and install the Netflix application.

How to watch Stranger Things 3 streaming in Italian

To watch Stranger Things 3 streaming in Italian is very simple: just open the Netflix application on your smartphone, tablet and computer and press on the homepage banner dedicated to the TV series. The tab dedicated to Stranger Things 3 will open and you will be able to choose which episode to watch among those available.

You also have the possibility to watch the third season of Stranger Things 3 in original language with Italian subtitles. To change the setting you have to choose an episode, press the comic book icon and set the "Audio" to English and the "Subtitles" to Italian. In this way you can watch Stranger Things 3 with Italian subtitles.