How to watch the 2019 – 2020 basketball Serie A on TV and streaming for free

Find out how to watch the 2019 - 2020 Italian basketball championship on streaming and TV for free. The start is set for September 24, 2019

Also the Italian basketball championship starts again. After the World Cup in China, the basketball season starts again in full swing. Many are the novelties of the Serie A 2019 - 2020, starting from the 17-team conformation due to Avellino's bankruptcy, up to the return in the top series of historical clubs for Italian basketball: Fortitudo Bologna and Treviso.

The championship restarts from the "almost" surprise victory of Venice, which repeated the success of 2016-2017. Behind there will be a large number of challengers: Sassari, which has confirmed part of last year's group and has added some graft to the roster to make up for the departure of some men; Milan, which has changed coach and management, relying heavily on Ettore Messina; Bologna, which has made heavy investments, signing Milos Teodosic, returning from his experience with the Los Angeles Clippers. A 32-day long championship that will keep us company until the end of April and then leave room for the playoffs that will decide the new 2019-2020 Italian Champion.

As far as television rights are concerned, the pairing of last year has been confirmed: Rai-Eurosport. The State TV will broadcast the Sunday night postponement, while Eurosport has purchased the rights to all the matches, but will broadcast on its channels "in clear" only the best match of the day. Everything else will be broadcast on demand on Eurosport Player. Ecco dove vedere in TV e in streaming gratis il campionato italiano di basket 2019 – 2020.

Quando inizia la Serie A 2019 – 2020 di basket

Il campionato di Serie A 2019 – 2020 inizia il 24 settembre 2019 con l’anticipo Pesaro – Fortitudo Bologna.

Quando finisce la Serie A 2019 – 2020 di basket

L’ultima giornata del campionato si gioca il 26 aprile 2020. Dopodiché cominceranno i playoff che si concluderanno entro la metà di giugno 2020.

Quali squadre partecipano alla Serie A 2019 – 2020

Il campionato italiano di Serie A 2019 – 2020 è composto da 17 società:

  • Trento
  • Brindisi
  • Virtus Roma
  • Olimpia Milano
  • Brescia
  • Virtus Bologna
  • Cantù
  • Pistoia
  • Cremona
  • Universo Treviso
  • VL Pesaro
  • Fortitudo Bologna
  • Dinamo Sassari
  • Trieste
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Venezia
  • Varese

Serie A 2019 – 2020 di basket: the favorites

We can only start from the teams that last year played the final: Venice and Sassari. Both have confirmed most of the group that brought them to the Scudetto final, shoring up the roster with experienced players. Sassari has also renewed the contract of Pozzecco who, taking over in February, has literally changed the face of the team, leading it to win a European cup, to play a game 7 of the Scudetto final and to win the Italian Supercup.

The real favorite of the season, however, remains Armani Jeans Milano, which this year has decided to do things in a big way, starting from the bench. From the San Antonio Spurs came Ettore Messina, who has also taken on the role of President of the company and has control over most things related to the court. The Spaniard Sergio Rodriguez and the NBA's Shelvin Mack have arrived to strengthen the team. To the three pretenders we must add Virtus Bologna, that after complicated years has returned to have a solid company, thanks to the investments of Segafredo (Zanetti family). In the summer Milos Teodosic was signed, one of the most winning European playmakers of the last years. A roster capable of adapting to any game situation and that will make coach Djordjevic happy has been built around it.

Which games of the 2019 - 2020 basketball Serie A does Rai

The Rai has acquired the rights to show only one game for each day of the championship. Usually the Sunday night postponement is broadcast on RaiSport+ HD.

Which 2019 - 2020 A Series basketball games does Eurosport, DAZN and Sky show

Eurosport has acquired the rights to the entire 2019 - 2020 A Series basketball championship. Most of the games, however, are only broadcast on demand and streaming on Eurosport Player. Only one game (usually the big match) is broadcast on Eurosport 2, a channel available on DAZN and on Sky.

How to watch the 2019 - 2020 Basketball A Series on TV

There are several ways to watch the 2019 - 2020 Basketball A Series on TV. The only free way is to see the Sunday night postponement on RaiSport+ HD, free-to-air channel of the State TV. The other methods involve the payment of a subscription. On the Eurosport 2 channel (available on Sky and on DAZN) the best match of the day is broadcast. The basketball A Series can also be seen on TV on Eurosport Player, but it is necessary to use an external device to be connected to the smart TV.

How to watch the basketball A Series 2019 - 2020 in free streaming

Streaming is the only way to see the entire basketball championship 2019 - 2020. Eurosport, in fact, broadcasts on demand on Eurosport Player all the matches of the top series. To watch streaming the 2019 - 2020 basketball A Series you must be subscribed to Eurosport Player (monthly or annual) and use a supported device. Once logged into the platform, we must access the section dedicated to basketball and we will find boxes dedicated to individual matches. By clicking on the one we would like to see, the streaming of the match will start.

Also DAZN subscribers will be able to follow the 2019 - 2020 basketball Serie A in streaming. Since the beginning of August, the channels of Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 are available: just click on the box dedicated to the second channel and watch the match on demand.

For those who do not have a subscription, there is the possibility to watch the Italian basketball championship 2019 - 2020 in free streaming on RaiPlay. State TV broadcasts on RaiSport+ HD the Sunday night postponement, which is also available on demand on the RaiPlay platform. To use it you do not have to pay a subscription, but only subscribe. To see streaming Serie A 2019 - 2020 you need to access the service, go to the channels available in streaming and click on RaiSport+ HD. Within a few seconds the streaming of the match will start.