How to watch the 2019 Formula 1 US GP on TV and free streaming

From November 1 to 3, the 2019 Formula 1 US GP is run in Austin. Here's how to follow the grand prix on TV and live streaming for free

This could be the decisive week for the assignment of the Formula 1 world championship. Lewis Hamilton is just a few points away from becoming mathematically world champion for the sixth time in his career. From November 1 to 3, the 2019 U.S. GP will be run on the circuit of Austin, Texas. It will be a very interesting race on one of the most beautiful circuits of the entire season.

Free practice showed a Mercedes in great shape, on a track that on paper should be more favorable to Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton set the best lap with a three-tenths advantage over Leclerc's Ferrari and Verstappen's Red Bull. For the qualifying, however, everything is still open: Ferrari has shown in recent races to always have something more on the dry lap. Some more difficulties, instead, on the race pace, where the Silver Arrows are still superior to the Reds. The 2019 US GP is broadcast live on TV on SkySport Uno, SkySport F1 and TV8, digital terrestrial channel. Free streaming is available on the TV8 website and on SkyGo.

U.S. GP 2019: qualifying and race schedule

The time zone is not friendly to Italian Formula 1 fans. The qualifying of the GP USA 2019 is set at 22:00 on Saturday, November 2, while the start of the race is at 20:10 on Sunday, November 3.

Saturday, November 2 at 22:00

Race schedule GP USA 2019: Sunday, November 3 at 20:10

Where to watch the GP USA 2019 Formula 1 on TV

The GP USA is not a Sky exclusive, but it will also be broadcast live on TV8, a digital terrestrial channel. To watch the GP USA 2019 of Formula 1 on TV you need to tune in to SkySport Uno (201), SkySport F1 (207) or TV8, channel available free to air and for free.

How to watch streaming the GP USA 2019 of Formula 1 on SkyGo

If you are having dinner with friends or with your family and you do not want to miss the GP USA 2019 of Formula 1 you can follow it in streaming on SkyGo, the on demand platform of Sky. To access SkyGo you need to be a subscriber, have a registered account on the site and use one of the supported devices.

To see the GP of the Americas 2019 in streaming you need to launch the SkyGo app, enter your credentials and press on TV Channels. In the tab that will open you have to select SkySport Uno (201) or SkySport F1 (207) and press the Play button. In a matter of seconds the streaming of the race will start.

How to follow the 2019 Formula 1 US GP free streaming on TV8 website

If you are not a Sky subscriber you have the possibility to watch the 2019 Formula 1 US GP live streaming for free on TV8 website. You don't have to have a subscription or be registered, but you just need to have a device with a good Internet connection.

To follow live streaming of GP of the Americas 2019 you need to open the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer, enter the URL of TV8 website and wait for the channel streaming to start in the media player present at the center of the page.