How to watch the Formula E Rome Grand Prix free-to-air and streaming

Find out where to follow the 2019 Formula E Rome Grand Prix on television and live streaming for free on smartphones, computers and tablets

They call it the "Formula 1 of the future" with cars that whizz by at over 250 kilometers per hour with one special feature: they don't pollute. We're talking about Formula E, the championship in which completely electric cars compete, vaguely reminiscent of Formula 1 racing cars. In addition to not polluting, they don't even make noise.

In recent years, thanks to increasingly effective marketing campaigns, Formula E has assumed an increasingly central role in the world of motorsport. And since last year it has also arrived in Italy with a Grand Prix that takes place in Rome, in the streets of the Eur district. A very technical street circuit that touches the most beautiful areas of the southern part of the capital. Also this year the GP of Rome 2019 of Formula E is disputed: the appointment is for Saturday, April 13 at 16:00. But since the morning there will be dedicated events, free practice and qualifying. Here's how to follow the 2019 Formula E Rome GP in live streaming.

Formula E Rome GP: schedules

April 13 will be a day full of emotions for Formula E fans. The seventh grand prix of the year will be held on the streets of Rome. It starts early Saturday morning at 7:30 with the first free practice and continues at 10:00 with the second session. At 11:45 it's already time for qualifying, while at 12:30 there is the SuperPole that assigns the places on the starting grid. Race time is set at 16:00.

Where to see the Formula E Rome GP on television

Two possibilities for Formula E fans: the Rome Grand Prix can be seen on Eurosport and on Mediaset (Italia 1). On Eurosport (channel available on Sky) it will be possible to watch qualifying, the SuporPole and the race, while on Italia 1 only the Grand Prix will be broadcast live.

How to watch the Formula E Rome Grand Prix live streaming on Eurosport Player

If you couldn't make it to Rome and can't watch the race on television, you have the possibility to watch the Formula E Rome Grand Prix live streaming on Eurosport Player, the on demand service of Eurosport.

In order to use Eurosport Player you need to have a subscription (monthly or yearly) and use one of the supported devices (smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs).

To watch live streaming of the 2019 Formula E Rome GP you need to launch Eurosport Player, enter your credentials and click on Sport. A menu will open with all the sports content available on the platform and you have to click on the icon dedicated to Formula E. A new window will open with several banners: click on the one dedicated to the race and the streaming of the Rome Formula E GP will start.

How to watch the Rome Formula E GP in free streaming on Mediaset Play

To follow the Rome Formula E GP 2019 in free live streaming there is only one solution: use Mediaset Play. The TV of the "biscione" will broadcast the race live on Italia 1 and for fans there is the possibility to follow the race live streaming. How to do it? Very simple. Just open Mediaset Play (available both from the browser and from the application), enter your credentials (if you are not registered you must register) and then click on Dirette. It will open a new page with all the Mediaset channels available in streaming and clicking on Italia 1 will start the free live streaming of the Rome Formula E GP. The start is scheduled for 16:00.