How to watch the Super Bowl 2018 live streaming

Appointment on the night between February 4 and 5. At the Super Bowl 2018 the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will compete

The Super Bowl is considered the most watched sporting event in the world. The television audience exceeds one billion people and companies are willing to pay millions of dollars to buy thirty seconds of advertising. Even if in Italy American football is not one of the most popular sports, on the other side of the Ocean it is the Sunday appointment par excellence. And now a has arrived at the final appointment.

The Super Bowl 2018 will be played on the night between 4 and 5 February. The start is scheduled for 00:30 and will go on all night. The final will be between the New England Patriots (Super Bowl winners last year as well) and the Philadelphia Eagles, the two teams with the best record during the regular season. The favorites are the Patriots, who after the magical comeback in the league final against the Jacksonville Jaguars are called to amaze again. At the helm there will always be him, Tom Brady, who at the threshold of 41 years is ready to win his sixth Super Bowl. But the Philadelphia Eagles are ready to sell their skin dearly. Even if the starting quarterback will be missing, injured during the last regular season games.

Italian fans will be able to follow the fifty-second Super Bowl also in live streaming. The sporting event will be broadcast by both Sky's satellite platform (on Fox Sports channels) and Premium Sport (which holds the rights for Italy). Here's how to watch the Super Bowl 2018 live streaming.

How to follow the Super Bowl 2018 live streaming on Sky Go

The appointment is at 00:30 on the night between February 4 and 5. For night owls who don't want to miss the event and want to follow it live streaming while lying in bed at home, they can do so using Sky Go. The satellite platform will broadcast the 2018 Super Bowl live on Fox Sports channels, which are also available online on Sky Go. The only issue is the commentary, which will be in the original language. To watch the fifty-second Super Bowl live streaming, you will need to log into Sky Go with your credentials and then tune in to the Fox Sports channel when the final begins.

How to watch Super Bowl 2018 live streaming on Premium Play

Premium Sports has acquired the rights to the entire NFL (National Football League) season and therefore will also air Super Bowl 2018. And for American football fans, there will also be commentary in Italian. To see the Super Bowl 2018 live streaming is necessary to connect to the Premium Play platform and access the channel dedicated to American football. In addition to an extensive "pre-game", it will also be possible to see the mid-game show, this year entrusted to Justin Timberlake.