How to watch the third and fourth episode of Gomorra 4 streaming

Find out how to watch Gomorra 4 streaming on computers, smartphones and tablets. Discover the previews on the third and fourth episode

New stories, new protagonists, new plots. Gomorra 4 started last week and is already a cult phenomenon. Quotes, images and videos have gone viral on social networks. A crackling start, with many twists and turns. We find Gennaro committed to ensuring a better future for his son Pietro; Patrizia in charge of Secondigliano and Sangue Blu determined to defend its power over the neighborhood of Forcella.

But we also find new faces. The Levante family, relatives of the Savastanos, with whom Gennaro tries to reconnect in order to continue to reign over Secondigliano and extend his power to the North of Naples. But this was only a prologue and already in the next episodes of Gomorra 4 we will see new developments and a Gennaro committed to London to close new deals. Tonight the third and fourth episodes of Gomorra 4 will air from 21:15 on Sky Atlantic: how to watch them in streaming.

Third and fourth episode Gomorra 4: the previews

Patrizia and Gennaro. The protagonists of the third and fourth episode of Gomorra 4 will be the two of them. Patrizia will be busy making herself respected in her new role as boss of Secondigliano, while Gennaro will fly to London to close an important deal. But in the English capital, things get complicated and Genny is forced to show the worst side of his character. The new life away from the business of the Camorra puts a strain on Gennaro who finds in Azzurra a fundamental shoulder.

How to see streaming Gomorra 4 on SkyGo

The wait is over: tonight on Sky Atlantic, channel 110, will air from 21:15 the third and fourth episode of Gomorra 4. For users who do not have the opportunity to see the TV series on their TV, it is possible to watch Gomorra 4 in live streaming on SkyGo, Sky's on-demand platform.

To use SkyGo you need to be a Sky subscriber, have an account on the website and use a supported device (smartphone, computer and tablet). The SkyGo application can be downloaded from the website, or from the Google Play Store and App Store.

To watch the third and fourth episode of Gomorra 4 live streaming you need to launch SkyGo, enter your credentials and press on TV Channels. It will open a tab with all the channels available in streaming on the platform: selecting SkyAtlantic (110) or Sky Cinema 1 (301) and pressing the "Play" button will start the live streaming of Gomorra 4.

Sky offers the possibility to watch Gomorra 4 also on demand in the following days. To do so, you need to be a Sky subscriber and use SkyGo. To see the third and fourth episode of Gomorra 4 in streaming you need to launch SkyGo, enter the section dedicated to On Demand and click on TV Series. A new page will open with all the fiction available on demand. At this point press on the banner of the TV series and then select the episode of Gomorra 4 that you want to see in streaming.