How to watch Thirteen 3 streaming in Italian

Find out how to watch Thirteen 3 streaming in Italian on TV, smartphone and computer. The TV series is available on Netflix since August 23

One of the most successful series produced by Netflix arrives with a new season. From August 23 is available Thirteen 3, the U.S. TV series based on the novel 13 by Jay Asher. Fans know very well the plot of the fiction: everything revolves around the suicide of teenager Hannah Baker who left recorded thirteen tapes with the reasons that drove her to the extreme gesture.

Netflix has published on the official social pages the trailer of the third season of Thirteen. They anticipate some of the topics covered in the new season: the story will focus on the murder of Bryce Walker, the boy who had abused Hannah Baker, forcing her to suicide. Also in Thirteen 3 the themes treated will be very strong and will make people think.

The producers have already announced the release of the fourth season of Thirteen, which, however, will be the last. A smart decision and that should be followed by many other TV series, which instead, pull ahead without showing new ideas.

When Thirteen 3 comes out

The third season of Thirteen is available on Netflix since the morning of August 23. All episodes of the new season will be available immediately.

Thirteen 3: previews

Not many leaked previews about Thirteen 3. The few information available are those shown by Netflix in the presentation trailer. The main topic of the third season will be the murder of Bryce Walker, the boy who had abused Hannah Baker and led her to suicide. A indagare sull’omicidio è il detective Standall e i possibili colpevoli sono tanti: dagli amici di Hannah ai ragazzi della Liberty High School.

Quante sono le puntate di Tredici 3

In una serie che si chiama Tredici, le puntata di ogni stagione non possono che essere 13. Anche la terza stagione sarà composta 13 episodi. Ecco i nomi delle puntate di Tredici 3:

  • Sì, sono la ragazza nuova
  • Se respiri, sei un bugiardo
  • La brava persona è indistinguibile da quella cattiva
  • Arrabbiato, giovane e maschio
  • Nessuno è pulito
  • Si può capire la natura di un uomo da come soffre
  • Clay Jensen ha diversi problemi
  • Al liceo, anche nei giorni migliori, è difficile capire chi sta dalla tua parte
  • Sempre in attesa della prossima cattiva notizia
  • Il mondo sta per crollare
  • Ci sono alcune cose che non ti ho detto
  • Poi è arrivato l’uragano
  • Lascia che i morti seppelliscano i morti.

Where to watch Thirteen 3 on TV

To watch Thirteen 3 on TV, you must have a Netflix subscription and use a smart TV that supports the streaming platform's app. If your TV is not smart, you can connect the Fire TV Stick or Chromecast to the HDMI socket and install the Netflix app.

How to watch Tredici 3 streaming in Italian

To stream Tredici 3 you need to be a Netflix subscriber and use one of the supported devices: smartphones, tablets and computers. Using Netflix on the move is very simple: just install the application, enter your credentials and choose what to watch. You have to follow the same procedure also to watch Thirteen 3 in streaming: open the app, enter your username and password and then click on the TV series poster. The tab dedicated to the third season of Thirteen will open and clicking on the single episode will start the playback.

The official language of Thirteen 3 is English. You have three options: watch Thirteen 3 in original language, add Italian subtitles or change language and put Italian. To see Thirteen 3 streaming in Italian you must launch an episode of the third season and press the comic book icon. A menu will appear and under Audio select "Italian". If you want to watch it with subtitles, you'll have to press on the comic icon and set "English" in the Audio item, while in Subtitles you have to enter "Italian".