How to watch Tivùsat with Sky decoder

Can you watch Tivùsat on Sky decoder? How can it be done? Here are the answers to these questions

One of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring users of the Tivùsat satellite platform is whether or not it is possible to watch digital terrestrial channels broadcast on Tivùsat through a Sky decoder that they already own.

Tivùsat, in fact, is a platform set up by the same TV broadcasters to carry the signal of their transmissions via satellite and make it reach even where there is not good coverage of classic digital terrestrial. The question of whether it is possible to see Tivùsat through the Sky decoder, therefore, is not at all peregrine since both Tivùsat and Sky need the same things to work: a dish, a decoder and a smart card. Between Tivùsat and Sky, however, there are big differences to know as well as similarities.

Why Tivùsat is different from Sky

Tivùsat is not the same as Sky: it has a different decoder, which is not produced directly by Tivùsat but is certified by the company. The card is also different, although it has the same function: to "unlock" the viewing of channels, which without the card are not displayed. Finally, Tivùsat can also be used without a decoder, if we have a Tivùsat-certified television set with a slot for the CAM module (where the card will be inserted).

Can Tivùsat be viewed with a Sky decoder?

In a single word: no. Even though the satellite from which both Tivùsat and Sky signals are transmitted is the same (Eutelsat Hot Bird 13), and even though a single dish oriented to pick up this satellite is enough to make both systems work at the same time, the two decoders are incompatible with each other: the Sky decoder cannot work with the Tivùsat card and the Tivùsat decoder cannot read the Sky card. If we already have a working Sky system and we want to watch Tivùsat as well, therefore, we will have to buy a specific decoder and card.

How to use Sky and Tivùsat at the same time

In addition, when we want to connect a new Tivùsat certified decoder to the existing Sky system, we must be very careful about the type of system: if we have My Sky HD, in fact, then the standard used will be the SCR/Unicable, while in the case of Sky Q the system will be in DCSS standard. This means that, to connect to the same dish also the Tivùsat decoder, it must be compatible with the right standard or it will not work.