How to watch Vampire Diaries streaming

Here's where you can watch in Italy the TV series based on the novels by Lisa J. Smith The Vampire Diary and how much it costs.

Among the most beloved vampire TV series there is definitely Vampire Diaries, American production aired from 2009 until 2017, collecting eight seasons of horror, fantasy and sentimental drama. Vampire Diaries is based on the novels of Lisa J. Smith The Vampire Diary. 

Vampires Diaries is a series that has enjoyed great success also on the wave of fame of the cousins of Twilight that undoubtedly helped the steady growth of this series, which has enraptured millions of fans with the dark story of the world of vampires between intrigue and romance. In questi anni però, se vi siete persi qualche puntata o avete piacere di rivivere Vampire Diaries vi sono alcuni modi che permettono di seguire le storie di Elen Gilbert, Nina Dobrev e i due fratelli Stefan, Paul Wesley e Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder in streaming. Da Vampire Diaries fu tratto anche uno spin off, nella stagione televisiva 2013, The Originals che narra le vicende della famiglia di vampiri originale.

Mediaset Play per vedere Vampires Diares

La serie tv si trova con tutte e otto le stagioni sul servizio streaming di Mediaset Play. Le prime quattro le trovate anche sulla piattaforma Chili, ma pagando ogni singolo episodio o se preferite la singola stagione a 9,99 euro, sta a voi decidere. La serie completa di Vampires Diaries si trova anche sulla piattaforma Infinity, ma a pagamento. Infinity costs 7.99 euros per month.

Since June 28, Vampire Diaries, airs on Mediaset channel 20 on digital terrestrial with this schedule: in the morning, just before nine, two episodes that are then broadcast again at 14, Monday through Friday. There are several alternatives not to miss the vampires, and many other TV series, during the vacations or while traveling, the choice is yours.

VVVID Italian streaming platform

We also point out the Italian streaming platform VVVID where until very recently Vampire Diaries was available for free. VVVID at the moment is considered one of the best streaming platforms where you can watch TV series and not only free, but also legal.

To take advantage of the platform, you must, simply access the home page and create an account or if you prefer log in through your Facebook. Once you've done that, you have a lot of interesting titles available.

VVVID also has an App, available for both Android and Apple, that you can download to your smartphone or tablet to be able to watch your series on the go.