How to watch X Factor 13 on TV and streaming

Find out how to watch the live episodes of X Factor 2019 on TV and streaming on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The episode starts at 9:15 pm

It's starting to get serious. After the Auditions, the Bootcamp, the Home Visit it's finally time for Live. After the first six episodes that led to the choice of the twelve participants of X Factor 2019, we start to get serious. From October 24 until December, Thursday nights will be dedicated to great live music.

Repared to last year, the changes of X Factor 13 are many. Starting with the judges. Of last year's group, only Mara Maionchi is left, while the three remaining judges are new: Sfera Ebbasta, Malika Ayane and Samuel from Subsonica. Before the Auditions, Cattelan assigned each judge their own category of reference. Samuel will lead the Groups. Sfera Ebbasta will lead the Under 25 women, Malika Ayane the Under 25 men, while Mara Maionchi will lead the Over 25s. Le scelte dei quattro giudici hanno creato più di qualche polemica sui social network e già dalle prime puntate live si capirà se sono state giuste oppure sbagliate.

X Factor 2019 è un programma prodotto da Sky e verrà trasmesso in diretta esclusiva su Sky Uno, canale 108 dell’emittente satellitare. Gli appassionati potranno seguire X Factor 13 anche in streaming su SkyGo. Potranno guardare in TV il programma anche gli abbonati a NowTV.

I partecipanti di X Factor 13

Under Uomini

  • Davide Rossi,
  • Enrico Di Lauro
  • Lorenzo Rinaldi

Under Donne

  • Giordana Petralia
  • Mariam Rouass
  • Sofia Tornambene


  • Eugenio Campagna
  • Marco Saltari
  • Nicola Cavallaro


  • Booda
  • Seawards
  • Sierr

Dove vedere in TV X Factor 2019

Per guardare X Factor 13 in diretta bisogna sintonizzarsi sul canale Sky Uno, 108 della piattaforma satellitare. The program is also available for NowTV subscribers, but you need to have a smart TV or use an Android TV box.

Those who do not have a subscription to one of Sky's services can watch X Factor 2019 on TV8, a digital terrestrial channel, but only in deferred. The program is broadcast on Wednesday evening of the following week

How to watch streaming X Factor 2019

X Factor 13 is also available in streaming on SkyGo, Sky's on-demand platform. To use SkyGo you need to be a Sky subscriber and be subscribed to the platform.

To watch X Factor 13 streaming you need to launch the SkyGo application, enter your credentials and press on the TV Channels tab. A window will open and you will have to select Sky Uno. In a few seconds the streaming of the program will start.

X Factor 2019 can also be watched in streaming using the Now TV application.