How to watch ZeroZeroZero on TV and streaming

ZeroZero is a TV series produced by Sky and Cattleya. Here's how to watch the episodes on TV and live streaming

Titled from the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano, ZeroZeroZero is the new TV series produced by Sky that airs from February 14, 2020 until March 6, 2020. Eight episodes that will show the importance that the drug market has assumed in recent years and how much the drug trade has become international and touches all continents.

The TV series starts from the book by Roberto Saviano and tells the journey of a load of drugs from Latin America to Italy, where the 'Ndrangheta awaits him. A journey that touches three continents and different cities: Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Africa and Italy. A long thread that keeps criminal organizations and corrupt political employees linked. ZeroZeroZero is broadcast exclusively on Sky Atlantic and on Sky Cinema Uno, and is also available for streaming on NowTV.

ZeroZero: plot and previews

A cocaine shipment that must reach Italy from Latin America, circling the ports of the most important American, African and European cities. ZeroZeroZero is a TV series that tells the story of how the production of cocaine concerns the entire world and not just a specific area. A story that will show the ferocity of the Mexican cartels in controlling the production of cocaine and the importance of the 'Ndragheta in the distribution. But also the corruption of American companies that manage billions and billions of dollars from illicit trafficking. An eight-part journey.

ZeroZeroZero: the cast

An international cast for a series without territorial boundaries. Tra i protagonisti troviamo Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, Gabriel Byrne, Harold Torres, Giuseppe De Domenico, Adriano Chiaramida, Francesco Colella e Tcheky Karyo.

Internazionali anche i registi: Stefano Sollima, Janus Metz e Pablo Trapero.

ZeroZeroZero: le puntate

In totale sono otto le puntate della prima stagione di ZeroZeroZero. Ogni episodio dovrebbe avere una durata compresa tra i 50 e i 60 minuti. Le prime due puntate andranno in onda il 14 febbraio, mentre l’ultimo appuntamento è per il 6 marzo.

Ecco quando andranno in onda le otto puntate di ZeroZeroZero:

  • Prima puntata ZeroZeroZero: 14 febbraio
  • Seconda puntata ZeroZeroZero: 14 febbraio
  • Terza puntata ZeroZeroZero: 21 febbraio
  • Quarta puntata ZeroZeroZero: 21 febbraio
  • Quinta puntata ZeroZeroZero: 28 febbraio
  • Sesta puntata ZeroZeroZero: 28 febbraio
  • Settima puntata ZeroZeroZero: 6 marzo
  • Ottava puntata ZeroZeroZero: 6 marzo.

How to watch ZeroZeroZero on TV

ZeroZero is an original Sky-Cattleya production and will be broadcast exclusively on the channels of the satellite broadcaster. The hope is to repeat the same success of Gomorra. The episodes of ZeroZeroZero can be seen on TV on Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema Uno channels from 21:15.

How to see ZeroZeroZero in streaming

ZeroZero streaming is also available for Sky subscribers. To follow the TV series on demand you need to use SkyGo, the online platform accessible by Sky subscribers.

To watch ZeroZeroZero in streaming you need to launch SkyGo, enter your Sky credentials and click on TV Channels. From the list that opens you have to select Sky Atlantic or Sky Cinema Uno and click on the Play button: in a few seconds the streaming of the TV series will start.

How to watch ZeroZeroZero without Sky

If you don't have a Sky subscription there is another way to watch ZeroZeroZero on TV and streaming: Now TV. This is Sky's on-demand platform that offers the vision of many of the channels on the satellite. Among the various packages available, there is also one dedicated to TV series with which you can watch ZeroZeroZero without making a subscription to Sky.