How to work from home using your smart TV

With Samsung's Remote Access platform, it's possible to use the South Korean company's smart TVs for smartwoking and distance learning: here's how

Those who recently bought a smart Samsung TV of a 2019 model to relax on the couch and watch streaming content or regular digital terrestrial TV, now have one more opportunity to take advantage of it: smart working (or e-learning, for those still studying). Thanks to the Remote Access feature, in fact, you can use a new Samsung TV as a workstation.

Remote, of course: the actual computer is the one in the office, with all its files, but you control it from home by connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse. Thanks to Remote PC, which is part of Remote Access, we can use a Web browser to connect to the office PC and work on business documents directly from the television. All this, by the way, with a security that is robust enough to ensure that the home-office connection doesn't become the object of attack by hackers. With Remote Access, then, you can use your Samsung smart TV to surf the Web, work or study remotely.

Samsung Remote Access: what it can do

The home-office connection is via the Internet, so it does not matter where the office is, the important thing is that the PC in the office is always on and connected to the network. Samsung's cloud office service allows you to use your browser to access files on your computer at work. All this is done through Samsung servers (and an account) and must be configured both at home and on the computer in the office. The same system, by the way, also works with Samsung smartphones and tablets.

For distance learning and e-learning, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the synergy between Remote Acess and Office 365 to hand in assignments and term papers and work together with classmates and professors on the same files. Via Web browser you can also follow online courses and lectures broadcast live on the screen of the smart Tv Samsung.

Samsung Remote Access: Knox security

Of course in all this there is a big security problem: every connection via the Internet could be attacked and our data could end up in the hands of some cybercriminal. To solve this problem Samsung has also integrated in Smart TVs the Knox security platform, which debuted in 2013 with the Galaxy Note 3 and today is available on all the latest devices from the Korean company. This means that multiple layers of security and robust encryption will be applied to data in transit from the office PC to the home screen.