How to write upside down (and where you can do it)

Web sites like UpsideDowntext or TypeUpsideDown allow you to write upside down phrases for use on social networks or in instant messaging apps

Using social networks as a tool to piss off our friends is sometimes really fun. If you're looking for a way to get on the nerves of some of your contacts, a possible solution could be to write posts and messages with the text upside down and backwards.

As a result, the poor "victims" will be forced to do acrobatics with the head, or to overturn the smartphone or, worse, the PC screen in an attempt to read the message. Irreverent isn't it? And it is also very simple. In fact, to flip the textual content of a post is sufficient to use one of the many free programs, available from the browser and or in the form of application for all Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. I software, inoltre, sono molto facili da utilizzare e l’unico elemento richiesto è il testo del messaggio da modificare che, una volta inserito, sarà “tradotto” in una stringa di caratteri sottosopra.

Come scrivere soʇʇo sodɹɐ

come-scrivere-capovolto.jpgFonte foto: Redazione

Come scrivere capovolto

Andiamo ora a vedere nel dettaglio come fare per convertire un testo e pubblicarlo sui social. Per prima cosa, ovviamente, dovremo trovare il programma giusto. Come detto, la scelta è ampia. Possiamo utilizzare TypeUpsideDown oppure UpsideDowntext. Cominciamo a usare il primo. Il tool è accessibile direttamente dal web, quindi anche dal computer, e sostanzialmente si divide in due sezioni: nella prima bisognerà scrivere il testo, mentre nella seconda sarà visualizzato il messaggio capovolto. All we'll have to do, then, is select the content, copy and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or WhatsApp and the perfect prank is served.

Now let's move on to the second tool, UpsideDowntext. The program works roughly the same way as the previous one. At the top of the page is the "window" where you'll have to enter the text to be "reversed", and at the bottom is the section that will contain the reversed message. As on TypeUpsideDown, to share the inverted text, finally, we'll just have to copy it from the site and paste it on social networks.

In reality, if we wanted, we could also use another fun tool. Compared to the previous tools, "specialized" only in writing "below", Unicode Text Converter, in fact, offers different formatting styles. For example, with the program it is possible to get words with letters enclosed in black circles or in small red squares. And that's not all. The program, which is also available online, lets you invert the letters, distributing them in reverse, as in this example: "oaiↄ"

With Unicode Text you can also write underneath. Just type the word(s) in the bar at the top and press "SHOW". The site will show you all available formatting for the entered text. To find inverted words, scroll down the page until you find "Inverted pseudoalphabet (backwards)". Have fun!