How Voila AI Artist works, the app that turns our photos into Animoji

Voila AI Artist is an app that's already a hit in the US: last week it was the best app in the App Store, here's what it is and how it works.

Among the recent trends of this period, it's possible that someone has heard of Voila AI Artist, especially on Facebook and Instagram where the app of the moment has been depopulated lately. For now, the appreciation curve is at its peak especially in the U.S., but in the globalized world of the internet trends bounce quickly from one part of the globe to another.

So it is likely that in a short time Voila AI Artist can spread widely in our parts. It wouldn't go unnoticed though, as the app produces fun and engaging results. The principle behind Voila AI Artist is not new: the images produced are very similar to those obtained with Apple's Animoji, the emoticons made from the faces of recent Apple devices. Only that Voila AI Artist goes further, with results more similar to Disney cartoons of the new millennium than to Apple emoticons.

Voila AI Artist, what is it?

Voila AI Artist, as said, is an application. This means that it's not a service integrated on Facebook and Instagram, as you might guess from the fact that the service's products have quickly depopulated on the two social networks. And this also means that, being an independent service, it escapes the privacy policies of the two platforms, being able to collect additional private information that falls under the terms of service of the app and not of the social networks.

In other words, when there are faces and private information involved, it's a good idea to carefully read the conditions that you accept when registering for the service. But beyond recommendations like these that apply to any app or service, and not just Voila AI Artist, what's the reason for its growing popularity?

There's no news on the origins of Voila AI Artist, when and why it started to catch on, first to be noticed by thousands of Instagram and Facebook users, then to be downloaded by over 10 million users on Google's Play Store. It wasn't promoted by anyone, by any influencer: at least in the beginning it won over those who appreciated it and ended up using it over time because of the likability of the Disney 3D cartoon-style images produced from faces.

Voila AI Artist then, starting from scratch, came to be the best app of the week in the Apple USA App Store. It's a remarkable achievement that will further boost the popularity of the app, which, needless to say, makes heavy use of artificial intelligence to achieve remarkable results, on par with other famous apps of the past such as FaceApp.

Voila AI Artist, how does it work?

To cast a person's face into a Disney cartoon you need to download the Voila AI Artist app, free on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Once installed, Voila AI Artist immediately shows you the four options available: 3D Cartoon that turns photos into something that looks like it came out of a 3D cartoon, Renaissance that, on the contrary, catapults the subject into the past centuries, 2D Cartoon and finally Caricature that produces a cheerful caricature of the subject.

You can choose images from your smartphone's memory, not before granting the necessary permissions, take a picture through the camera or finally edit the images of some famous characters. And finally, of course, you can share them on social networks.