How will be the Samsung Galaxy S10: unveiled the screen

On the Net have emerged some renderings of the new screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10, a revolutionary full-View display without curved edges and with a minimal notch

As emerged from previous rumors, the new Galaxy S10 will have a revolutionary design compared to the past: it will be the first top of the range Samsung with notch. So far there had been talk several times of the presence of a notch and, thanks to the indications given by the same South Korean company during the Samsung Developer Conference in November, it was possible to get information on the possible shape of the notch.

The Display chosen by Samsung should be the Infinity O. In practice it is a screen without bezels and with a notch reduced to minimum size. How will the front cameras and other sensors be housed? Simple there will be simple holes in the display where these components will be housed without taking away space from the screen itself. The Infinity O is one of the 50 screen patents that Samsung filed before starting work on the new Galaxy S10. So here's in detail how it will be the new screen of the next phone of the South Korean company.

Samsung Galaxy S10: here is the Infinity O screen

At the moment on the Net have emerged several renderings on the new screen of the house Samsung. The housing for the camera is on the left but it could be moved before the launch of the Galaxy S10. The fingerprint sensor will be hidden directly under the display of the new Samsung Galaxy S10. The curiosity is the absence of the touch edges as so far we have seen in the last Galaxy of Samsung house and no quick function inserted in this part of the smartphone. Compared to the past, therefore, the South Korean company aims to revolutionize the appearance and functionality of its smartphone-symbol.

We must remember that for now these are only rumors. For any formality on the device we will have to wait for the first months of 2019 when Samsung will organize an event to unveil to the world its new top of the range.