How will the iPhone X 2018 low cost 6.1-inch

Apple will present in September the new iPhone X models, among them also a cheaper device with 6.1-inch LCD screen and single rear camera

Autumn is approaching and the anticipation grows for the launch of the new iPhone X scheduled for September 2018. The Cupertino company, as known for a long time, wants things big by presenting three new models of applefonino, ready to meet the needs of all possible new buyers.

During the event next fall, Tim Cooks is expected to remove the veils from two devices top of the range, with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screen, and a low cost iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD display. Calling it cheap, of course, only makes sense when compared to the other two models because, anyway, this third iPhone X 2018 will also have a spec sheet worthy of a mid-to-high-end device. Now, thanks to the usual rumors coming from the United States and Asia, we also know how the design of this third low-cost iPhone X will be: confirmed all the stylistic choices of recent years, but on the back we will find only a photo sensor.

Apple: here is the new low-cost iPhone X 2018

The lower price compared to the two iPhone X with OLED screen is also justified by precise choices on the front of technical features. PCas said, iPhone X with LCD screen will only have a rear camera and 3GB of RAM. Different also the material of the body: aluminum and not stainless steel as the other two iPhone X of 2018 and the conformation of the battery, which on low-cost iPhone X will be classic with rectangular structure, while on iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will have the new "L" shape.

In the new iPhone X LCD 2018 we will still find some of the elements characterizing the top of the range Apple line. And we're not just talking about the aforementioned notch. To make room for the display, the physical Home button and Touch ID will disappear, while unlocking the device will be entrusted exclusively to facial recognition of Face ID.

Not to be fooled by the single photo sensor, then: Apple engineers have worked long to improve it as much as possible, so as to ensure a high standard of photography even in the cheapest iPhone X 2018.