HP multifunction printer with 6 months of free ink

We discover HP DeskJet 2720e, which is offered on Amazon at an attractive price and with a convenient formula for cartridges with 6 months of free prints

It is not so much the multifunction printer itself that makes the package offered by HP interesting, despite the price at which it is found in these hours on Amazon is very attractive. What probably gives more value to the proposal is the possibility to join the HP+ subscription service that at this time offers six months of free ink.

The HP+ service with HP Instant Ink eliminates the possibility of running out of ink and at the same time allows you to save up to 70% on ink. It's a service that can be tailored to individual needs: there are plans with different ink costs and supplies, and when the HP ink is about to run out, without you having to do anything you receive the new cartridge at home with no delivery costs. The cartridges (made of recycled plastic) are in fact shipped before you need them, thanks to the fact that the printer communicates to the manufacturer the arrival of the "reserve". With HP Instant Ink, moreover, flexibility is total: you can cancel or change the plan at any time.

The features of HP DeskJet 2720e

HP DeskJet 2720e is a multifunction inkjet printer capable of printing, scanning and copying in black and white or color. It has an LCD display to control basic functions, a 60-sheet input tray and a satisfactory printing speed: up to 7 pages per minute in black and white, up to 5 in color.

The equipment in terms of connectivity is complete, also by virtue of the fact that, as mentioned above, HP DeskJet 2720e must remain in communication with HP servers to signal the moment when the cartridges are almost empty: the equipment counts Wi-Fi Dual Band, Wi-Fi Direct, HP Smart App, AirPrint, USB 2.0, but the connection via Ethernet is absent.

Also choosing HP+ at the time of configuration you get an additional year of HP commercial warranty. The subscription service is also preferable due to the fact that the HP DeskJet 2720e includes firmware that contains dynamic security measures designed to prevent the use of non-genuine cartridges with non-HP chips or electronic circuitry, so cartridges that use a non-HP chip or electronic circuitry (such as third-party cartridges) may not work or may stop working.

The offer on HP DeskJet 2720e

HP DeskJet 2720e is offered on Amazon currently for €59.90 with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. The strength of the multifunction printer of HP, as well as in the price, is in the ability to eliminate thoughts and much of the costs related to cartridges thanks to the HP+ service.

The company gives 6 months of Instant Ink service to those who within 7 days of the first configuration of the printer decide to activate the service that, with a few euros per month, allows you to never run out of ink.

Very affordable prices: starting from not even one euro per month (0.99 euros) for profiles of 15 prints per month, then 2.99 euros per month for those who do not exceed 50 prints, and then up with profiles of 4.99 euros for 100 pages per month, 11.99 euros for 300 pages per month and finally 24.99 euros for 700 pages per month. Of note is the fact that you can change the plan at any time and at no additional cost.

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