Huawei: agreement with Aptoide to replace Google

Google is negotiating with store Aptoide to replace Google's Play Store as quickly as possible. Aptoide has 900 thousand Android apps available

It took Huawei only three days to find a viable alternative to suspending its commercial agreements with Google. The Chinese company is making an agreement with Aptoide, an alternative store to the Play Store that can be installed on Android smartphones and where there are more than 900,000 applications, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many video games.

To talk about the ongoing negotiations is the same CEO of Aptoide, Paulo Trezentos, who stressed that everything is still to be defined, but the two companies are talking to each other and an agreement could be found soon. This is the famous Huawei "plan B" that all tech experts have been talking about these days. The Chinese giant certainly couldn't be found unprepared after the blockade imposed by the U.S. government that led Google to suspend any commercial agreement, putting in doubt the presence of Big G's apps on the next Huawei and Honor smartphones (and a demonstration we already had with the Honor 20 Pro).

Huawei chooses Aptoide for its smartphones

To temporarily bypass the block imposed by the Trump government, the easiest way for Huawei is definitely to close a deal with a third-party store that would allow the Chinese company to offer on its smartphones a store from which to download apps.This solution would give Huawei time to develop its own operating system without making any mistakes.

We've already talked about it in the past few days, the Chinese company is investing time and money in the development of an independent mobile operating system, which is an alternative to both Android and iOS. But making an OS from scratch is not as simple as it may seem. Moreover, Huawei would like to create an "Apple-like" ecosystem with all devices communicating with each other.

What is Aptoide

Of the third-party store alternatives to Google's Play Store, Aptoide is definitely one of the most popular. It has around 900,000 applications compatible with the Android operating system. If the agreement between the online store and Huawei goes well, the Chinese company's smartphones could soon have a new app that replaces both the Google Play Store and App Gallery, Huawei's proprietary store on which, however, there are few applications. We'll definitely know more in the coming days.