Huawei arrives in Sardinia with a research center for smart cities

The Chinese giant arrives in Italy where it will test technological solutions for smart cities against catastrophes and attacks, but it will also work on new 5G standards

Huawei arrives in Sardinia, and not for a vacation, but to invest and create a research center designed for the development of technological solutions for smart cities. The Chinese giant will build in Pula, in the province of Cagliari, its Joint Innovation Center.

This is yet another large international company in the field of technology that invests in Italy. Apple has recently opened its own research and specialized training center in Naples, where it inaugurated the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe. Now instead Huawei lands in Sardinia where it will collaborate with the Center for Research, Development and Higher Studies in Sardinia, also known as CRS4, for the development of solutions for smart cities. "This is a necessary step - says Daniele De Grandis, Executive Director Italy of Huawei - to keep up with other giants such as Samsung and Apple".

Huawei Research Center in Sardinia: why?

Huawei unlike what many of us may think is not present on the market exclusively with smartphones and smartwatches, but invests in a whole galaxy of varied technological solutions. This is especially true for the Asian market and the Chinese company is now trying to expand in Europe. It must be remembered that we are talking about a multinational from 60 billion dollars a year and the goal for Huawei is to reach competitors such as Samsung and Apple in the short and medium term. Alessandro Cozzi, country director Italy of Huawei, explains that Sardinia was chosen because it was the region that showed the most interest in the project. The idea is to create an open and collaborative ICT ecosystem on the island. It should be remembered that several international companies engaged in technological solutions in recent years have invested in the south of the region. Amazon, Accenture, Avanade, just to name a few.

Huawei research center in Sardinia, which sectors?

The project involves the creation of an experimental infrastructure where to test solutions for safe and smart cities. Especially tools for public safety management, ideas for fighting terrorism, and technological kits for managing natural disasters and helping public health. All this after the first phase of development will be put into practice in some districts of the city of Cagliari. In Pula, however, will also work on the study of e-LTE systems of last generation. And above all new 5G standards will be experimented. What the Region hopes instead is to create a safety valve against unemployment for young people specialized in the sector.