Huawei, banned the use of microSD cards on upcoming smartphones

WiFi Alliance, Jedec and SD Association announce the end of support for Huawei devices: here's what changes for Italian users

Another cold shower for Huawei: the list of companies that have suspended any commercial agreement with the Chinese giant is joined by WiFi Alliance, Jedec and SD Association. In this case we are not talking about U.S. companies, but about associations that work together with the companies to provide technological support.

WiFiAlliance, for example, is engaged in the research and development of new standards for wireless networks, used on all smartphones to connect to the Internet and to communicate with other devices. Jedec, on the other hand, is an association for the standardization of semiconductors and has more than 300 members, including companies of the caliber of Qualcomm and Samsung. But the most important defection concerns the SD Association that to comply with the ban Huawei decided by the Trump government has banned the Chinese company to support SD and micro SD cards from future devices. The decision is going to affect especially the mid-range Huawei smartphones that integrate the slot for memory expansion via microSD.

Huawei ban: what changes for users the farewell of WiFi Alliance, Jedec and SD Association

For Huawei the suspension of the collaboration with the three associations is another problem to face and in the coming months could put a strain on the development of smartphones, tablets and smart devices.

The WiFi Alliance is an organization that brings together all companies working on the joint development of new technologies to improve wireless networks. With the exclusion decided by the association, Huawei will no longer be able to be part of the decisions made by the board of directors. On the device front, however, not much should change: the Chinese company will be able to continue using wireless technology.

With the Jedec association, the discourse is slightly different. In this case, it was Huawei itself that asked to suspend relations due to the decree signed by U.S. President Donald Trump. Jedec has a very important role in the development of semiconductors used to make smartphone processors.

The hardest blow for Huawei, however, comes from the SD Association. The organization that manages the development of SD and microSD card technology has announced that as a result of the ban Huawei is forced to remove the Chinese company from the association. What does this decision entail? Huawei no longer has permission to put the microSD slot on its smartphones. And it's no coincidence that Huawei has been making proprietary memory cards smaller than microSD for a couple of months now.