Huawei, comes the block also for the purchase of Intel processors

After Google, also Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom suspend their business relations with Huawei. Here's what will happen in the coming months

The consequences of the ban of Hauwei by the U.S. government were not long in coming. After Google's decision to suspend the collaboration with the Chinese company and deprive the next Huawei smartphones of services and applications such as the Google Play Store and Gmail, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom have also stopped any business relationship with the Chinese giant.

There is still no official confirmation from the three companies, but according to what Bloomberg reports, employees would have already been notified of the suspension with immediate effects of any existing agreement. This is another blow for Huawei, which after the inability to use Google services on their smartphones, is also deprived of Intel processors on their computers. According to the well-informed, however, the Chinese company would not be found unprepared and in previous months has stocked up on hardware components that would allow it to make devices for another three months.

Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom suspend the commercial relationships with Huawei

The action taken by the U.S. government against Huawei is showing in these days all its strength. All U.S. suppliers that had business relationships and partnerships with Huawei have been forced to terminate them. The first company to communicate the suspension of the agreements has been Google, that, however, has wanted to reassure the Huawei users: the smartphones of the Chinese giant already sold will continue to have the support from Big G.

Discussion different for what concerns Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom that have been forced to suspend the commercial agreements already signed. On this news there is no official confirmation, but Bloomberg's website reports that the companies would have informed their employees about the interruption of relations with Huawei. Intel supplies the Chinese company with servers and processors for laptops, while Qualcomm has a marginal role in the production of smartphones and wearables.

For the moment, there is no knowledge of similar decisions by other U.S. companies. For example, Microsoft, which supplies Huawei with the operating system for laptops.

European manufacturers are abandoning Huawei?"

In the last few hours, rumors have spread that European processor manufacturers are also about to cut off their business relationships with Huawei to comply with the order issued by Trump. In reality, this is not the case and both Infineon, a German company that produces microchips, and AMS, an Austrian company, have denied it.

What will Huawei do

Huawei is with its back against the wall, but it would already be ready to respond to the actions of the U.S. government. The Chinese government has come down on the side of its companies, threatening legal action and assuring maximum support. Moreover, according to some rumors, Huawei in the last period had stocked up on hardware components and would have in its warehouses hardware to produce devices for another three months.