Huawei FreeBuds 4: lots of technology at the right price

Huawei has unveiled in China the latest evolution of its FreeBuds wireless headphones: adaptive noise reduction up to 25 db, design and great price.

Huawei's new audio offering, FreeBuds 4, combines an outstanding technology segment with a decidedly fair price. The wireless earphones of the Chinese giant bet everything on high-level features and an attractive design that, however, does not put in second place the comfort of use with the choice of an ergonomic style based on the human ear.

Designed on the model called 100003D reconstructed on the shape of the pinna and the ear canal of man, the FreeBuds 4 enjoy an optimization of sound thanks to the correct positioning once worn for listening. The case, which offers 14 hours of playback after just 30 minutes of charging, has also been carefully crafted; tracing the look of the previous generation, it not only enjoys fast charging but has also decreased its size: the volume has shrunk by 6.3% while the weight has dropped by 20.8%. This update translates into an advantage for the user, with improved portability it becomes easier to take them with you, in your pocket or purse. If the eye wants its part, the purely technical side is no less: here are all the details.

Huawei FreeBuds 4, technical characteristics

The spearhead of these earphones is the active noise cancellation. This is an updated system, a 2.0 hybrid technology managed by a dual microphone that allows a reduction of up to 25dB. Capturing the sounds of the surrounding environment, the microphones help generate of a wave capable of counteracting noise more accurately when compared to the past.

To this, then, is added support for adaptive noise reduction and related algorithms. Basically, enabled to handle external sounds, the FreeBuds detect the user's ear structure and usage patterns, so as to set the best parameters to silence noise.

Moving inside, Huawei's new buds aim to optimize lower frequencies through the use of a fully dedicated engine. As for the structural elements, there is a 14.3mm diameter moving coil unit for a frequency response up to 40kHz. In addition, the microphone allows the recording of sounds with a sampling rate of up to 48kHz, without any loss of detail.

Useful connectivity to multiple devices, which also gives the possibility to switch from one device to another in a few taps or clicks, both from smartphones and computers. The same goes for the audio connection center, with which you can view the last 10 devices with which it has been paired.

Huawei FreeBuds 4, price and launch date

The arrival of the in-ear FreeBuds 4 seeds should be marked on the calendar for next June 1, at a cost of 999 yuan for the Chinese market, or just under 130 euros and will be available in three different colors: Frost Silver (silver), Ceramic White (white) and Honey Red (red). With respect to the international launch and the price for other markets, however, we must still wait for the official announcement from Huawei that, given the timing, may come soon.