Huawei P11 will have a front camera similar to the iPhone X

The Chinese company is working on a technology called "Point Cloud Depth Camera" and that would be better than Apple's facial recognition

Archived 2017 with the presentation of three borderless smartphones (Huawei Mate 10 PRO, Honor View 10 and Honor 7x), Huawei is already working on the first top of the range that will be presented at the end of February during the Mobile World Congress 2018. We are talking about the Huawei P11, a device that, according to the latest rumors, will have unique features integrated in the front and rear camera.

On the sidelines of the presentation of the Honor View 10 and Honor 7x that took place in early December in London, Huawei held a conference showing the technologies on which the company is working and that will be integrated on smartphones in the coming years. One of these new technologies is the Point Cloud Depth Camera, a new camera that goes to improve facial recognition. For the moment it is an external accessory to be connected to the USB Type-C port of the smartphone, but the goal of Huawei is to insert it inside the body of a device. And the chosen one would seem to be the Huawei P11.

What is Point Cloud Depth Camera

Point Cloud Depth Camera is a new facial recognition technology that uses a series of sensors to make the system more secure and do a 3D scan of the person's face. At the conference held in London, the technology was presented on an accessory external to the smartphone, but the goal is to integrate it inside a cell phone. The operation is slightly different from the TrueDepth Camera present on the iPhone X. And according to Huawei engineers, it is also more reliable. Point Cloud Depth Camera consists of an infrared camera, an RGB photo sensor (the one already present in most smartphones), a near-IR structured light projector (the core of the technology) and two RGB LEDs. How the camera works is very simple: the projector "shoots" a beam of light onto the person's face, which allows the technology to understand the 3D shape of the face. Compared to Apple's TrueDepth Camera, Huawei's technology would seem to be both more reliable and faster in recognizing people's faces.

How will the Huawei P11

The problem that the Chinese company will have to solve concerns the insertion of the technology inside the smartphone's shell. If, as it seems from the latest rumors, the Huawei P11 will have a 6.01-inch screen and a borderless design, the only solution will be to introduce an iPhone X-style notch (the upper flap where all the front camera sensors are located).

The Chinese company is intent on making a smartphone with unique camera features. In addition to the front one that will be used for the Point Cloud Depth Camera technology, at the back Huawei could mount a system with three sensors assisted by artificial intelligence.

When the Huawei P11 comes out

The Chinese company will present the smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as it has happened in recent years. According to rumors, Huawei would set the date for February 26, 2018. While for the market release it will be necessary to wait a few more weeks, but definitely before Easter (April 1, 2018).