Huawei P40, there’s confirmation: there will be graphene battery

Will the new Huawei P40 ditch the lithium battery for the graphene one? There would be official news but many are skeptical. Here are the details

Huawei is back in the spotlight: this time not because of the trade block imposed by Donald Trump, but thanks to a series of news about its P40 series smartphones. The devices are expected in March 2020, but rumors about the specifications and internal components have been chasing for some time now.

For some time now, the rumor of a possible graphene battery has been circulating, news that has been released by the company itself in recent hours via Twitter. This confirms that the new Huawei smartphones will have top-of-the-line features and will be among the first to abandon the classic lithium batteries. This is a real revolution, also because the duration and power of the power supply is among the most important features for consumers, who are increasingly attentive to how and when to recharge. But some are skeptical about the reliability of the news.

Huawei P40: all about the smartphone with graphene battery

Why is there great anticipation for the graphene battery of the new Huawei P40? The reasons are many. First of all, battery life is definitely one of the specifications that users care about the most. Today, more than the photographic compartment and other specifications, it is essential to have a battery that lasts a long time and that can be recharged quickly.

Graphene has many advantages over lithium battery: for example, it is lighter and has a smaller size, and at the same time provides greater autonomy. This will make it possible to insert more voluminous batteries in the phones, able to survive longer than the current ones.

Graphene battery: hoax or truth?

The official news came from the Twitter account of Huawei France. The tweet claimed that the next wave of P40s will arrive with a next-generation graphene battery. The company also published a rendering created by a group of fans.

Following the Chinese company's post, famous leaker IceUniverse denied everything, warning users with another tweet: "the technology proposed by Huawei is currently impractical." In fact, still no manufacturer has included this component in its phones, and many experts and users are skeptical that it will be Huawei to do so, and not powers like Apple or Samsung. After the post published by IceUniverse, Huawei deleted its tweet causing even more skepticism among fans and experts.

In short, we still don't know if the Chinese company published the content without thinking about the consequences or if they still want to maintain a certain confidentiality on the news.

At the same time, other companies are also working on the new technology. Among them stands out Samsung that in August was working on the integration of graphene batteries in its devices. However, the novelty will not be ready before 2021, according to the Korean company. That's why many users are skeptical that the P40 will be able to integrate the technology in a few months.