Huawei smartphones, here are which ones have already received EMUI 10.1: the list

The release of EMUI 10.1 continues unabated: there are already thirty-nine devices that have received it. Here are which ones

The EMUI 10.1 continues unabated to arrive on an increasing number of Huawei smartphones. In Europe we have entered the hottest stages, with the new interface that is about to be released even for less performing devices and with a few more years on their shoulders. As we have already reported in recent weeks, in Europe the release is going a little slower than in China, but by the end of the year it should be released and available for everyone.

From China, however, there are comforting news: there are 27 smartphones and Huawei devices that have already received the EMUI 10.1. This means that even in Europe in the coming months will increase the number of smartphones Hauwei that will receive the latest update. To the 27 Huawei devices we have to add another 12 Honor devices that have already received Magic UI 3.1, the twin copy of EMUI 10.1. The same devices will also receive it in Europe, but you'll have to wait a few more weeks. Here are the Huawei smartphones that have already received EMUI 10.1.

EMUI 10.1: what's new

Before seeing which Huawei smartphones have already received EMUI 10.1 or will be able to download it soon, let's summarize the most important news of EMUI 10.1. This is not just a transitional update between two different versions of the user interface of Huawei, but an update of some importance. First of all, there have been improvements that have made the smartphones more stable, then there are new applications: MeeTime, a platform for making video calls between Huawei devices, and Celia, the new voice assistant that, however, is not yet available in Italy.

EMUI 10.1, which smartphones have been updated

In Italy most of the Huawei P40 have already received EMUI 10.1, while the other top of the range devices released in recent years are in the middle of the release phase. In China, however, things are much further ahead and there are already 27 devices that have been updated to EMUI 10.1. The list includes all models of the Huawei MAte 40, the Huawei P30  and P30 Pro, the Huawei Mate 20 range, and several models of the Huawei Nova 6 and Nova 5.

Not to forget Honor devices as well. The company uses the Magic UI, an interface that is completely based on EMUI. The update to Magic UI 3.1 has arrived on twelve devices, including Honor 20, Honor Magic 2 and Honor Play 9A.

The signal that in China the release is practically completed bodes well for Europe as well: with the arrival of autumn, more Huawei and Honor devices will receive EMUI 10.1 and Magic UI 3.1.