Huawei smartphones, shown the app that replaces Google

Huawei is ready to launch Huawei Search, an app that works as a search engine and will replace Google

Huawei is ready to launch a new app for its smartphones. The name is Huawei Search and as you can guess it is an alternative search engine to Google. It is not known when it will be launched, but it appeared on HMS Core, the new suite developed by the Chinese company to go to replace Google services on the next smartphones launched on the market. Since Donald Trump's ban on Huawei, no U.S. company can make business deals with the Chinese company, including Google.

This has led Huawei to invest heavily in software solutions that will slowly replace Google's services and apps. The solution goes by the name of Huawei Mobile Services, a group of apps that includes the Huawei ID, a browser, Huawei Health and soon Huawei Search. There isn't much information about this app yet, but in principle it should work like a regular search engine.

What is Huawei Search

Huawei Search is a new app developed by the Chinese company for the Huawei Mobile Services suite. The app is expected to replace the Google Search app, Big G's search engine that will no longer be present on upcoming Huawei smartphones. Unless Donald Trump decides to remove the commercial ban, a rather unlikely hypothesis.

How Huawei Search works

Huawei Search should be a classic search engine divided into several categories: images, news and videos. The operation is very simple: you enter a search query and the app shows you a list of results. It will be very interesting to understand how the algorithm developed by the Chinese company works.

When Huawei Search arrives

There is no news about when Huawei Search will be available for users. But it shouldn't be long now: the first images of the app have already appeared on the Web. Huawei might debut it first in China and then in the rest of the World.