Huawei, the new operating system appears online: how it will be

Huawei has filed the name of the future mobile operating system at the European patent office: it will be called Ark OS

The new mobile operating system of Huawei could arrive very soon, even during next fall in conjunction with the launch of the new Mate 30, the top of the range on which the Chinese company has been working for several months now. The indiscretion comes directly from China and confirms what we already wrote a few weeks ago: Huawei is accelerating the development of the operating system that will replace Android on its smartphones.

As you know, the decision of Huawei comes after the trade block imposed by Trump to all U.S. companies that obliges them to suspend any relationship with the U.S. company. Among the companies that must comply with the order of the President of the United States is also Google, which has immediately suspended commercial agreements with Huawei regarding the supply of the Android operating system. We have already explained in other articles, that users with a Huawei smartphone do not have to fear anything, the block only affects new devices coming out in the next few months.

The Chinese company, however, immediately ran for cover by accelerating the development of a proprietary operating system on which it was already working for a few years. And in recent days Hauwei has moved with the patent office of many European and Asian countries to register the name of the future operating system: in China it will be called HongMeng, while in Europe it will be called Ark OS.

Huawei, the mobile operating system will be called Ark OS

According to some rumors from China, the new OS will arrive in the fall along with the Mate 30. Some alleged images of the operating system have also appeared online: the user interface is very similar to that of Android. And this is no accident. Huawei, in fact, would have started from Android to develop ArkOS. The operating system will support, in fact, all the applications available for the green robot thanks to a commercial agreement signed with Aptoide, a third-party store that has more than 800,000 Android apps available, including all the most important ones.

Huawei, the name filed at the European Patent Office

To be sure of being able to release its mobile operating system throughout Europe, Huawei has also filed the name at the EUIPO, the European Patent Office. The registered trademark is Huawei Ark OS, the name that will be used in the Western world.

According to rumors, Ark OS will not be a simple smartphone operating system, but will be common to all Huawei devices, including computers and smartwatches.