Hublot launches the watch that can only be bought with Bitcoin

It costs $25,000 and will be made from premium materials in a limited edition. It can only be bought online and payment is not affordable

A few days ago Bitcoins turned 10 years old and what better way to celebrate than to launch a celebratory watch? Of course, this is no ordinary watch, the kind that can be purchased anywhere and by anyone. This is a wristwatch designed, engineered and manufactured by Hublot, the famous Swiss brand specializing in luxury watches.

The watch, which is part of the Big Bang collection, is called Meca-10 P2P and, as the most attentive have already noticed, already within the name brings several references to the cryptocurrency par excellence. The suffix P2P, just to give an example, refers to the peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoins, but this is just one of many that could be done. The price? Definitely not affordable: to buy a Meca-10 P2P you'll have to shell out a whopping $25,000. But you won't be able to write a check, let alone swipe a credit card: the Hublot watch can only be bought online and the only accepted payment method is Bitcoin. In short, an exclusive watch for an exclusive clientele.

How is the Hublot watch that can only be bought with Bitcoins

The watch, which will be produced in only 210 pieces (another reference to Bitcoins, given that the cryptocurrency's issuance limit is set at 21 million virtual coins), is made with a black ceramic dial (not clay of course, but from a hi-tech compound formed mainly of zirconium dioxide pressed at very high temperatures. As if that were not enough, the watch will be made specifically for the customer and not produced following industrial logic: on the crown, to identify it uniquely, will be printed the number of Bitcoin transaction occurred at the time of payment. In this way, the watch will always be traceable to its buyer.