I delitti del Barlume: from January 11 new Sky Original stories

The episode also available in streaming on NOW TV will also talk about the pandemic: here's where to watch it and plot details

The Sky Original TV series I Delitti del Barlume returns in January 2021 with two new and entertaining episodes. The fiction, born in 2013, is inspired by the novels of Marco Mavaldi. The writing of the episodes is instead entrusted to Davide Lantieri, Ottavia Madeddu, Carlotta Massimi and Roan Johnson, who we also find behind the camera.

In the cast return the characters loved by the public and played by some famous Italian actors: from Filippo Timi to Corrado Guzzanti. In the first episode, titled "Sea force four" we also talk about Covid-19. The characters will be confronted with the arrival of the virus, which will disrupt the everyday life of the small imaginary town of Pineta, together with a sea storm and a new mystery to be solved. Without underestimating the drama of the moment, I Delitti del Barlume will be the first Italian series to talk openly about the pandemic. The plot is, as always, ironic and funny, but at the same time, full of food for thought.

I Delitti del Barlume: Mare Forza Quattro

The events of the small town of Pineta are still at the center of the plot of I Delitti del Barlume. In the first episode entitled Mare Forza Quattro we find the protagonists having to deal with a storm and consequent sea storm that ruins the historical seat of the BarLume. This convinces Beppe (Stefano Fresi) and Tizi (Enrica Guidi) to renovate the place, but during the course of the work there is no shortage of arguments with Massimo (Filippo Timi).

In the background there is also a virus that is affecting Italy and the rest of the world in an increasingly strong way. This is the topic of the chatter of the "urethra quartet", the friendly group of friends from the village, composed of Emo (Alessandro Benvenuti), Gino (Marcello Marziali), Pilade (Atos Davini) and Aldo (Massimo Paganelli). Each member of the group has an opinion: while Emo is not worried, the other three are terrified and lock themselves up in the house to avoid contagion.

In the meantime, Paolo (played by Corrado Guzzanti) begins to prepare the resistance against Covid-19, creating a quarantine strategy over the top.

Naturally, even in this episode there is no lack of crime to solve, as in the best tradition of the detective genre. After the storm that hit Pineta is in fact found the corpse of a man, which will involve the beginning of the investigation by Commissioner Vittoria Fusco (Lucia Mascino) and her faithful agents.

I Delitti del BarLume: when it comes out and where to see it

The first of two episodes of the series Sky Original will be released today Monday, January 11, 2021 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno, but will also be available in streaming on NOW TV and Sky on demand. It will also be available in 4K HDR on Sky Q Satellite.