I Delitti del BarLume: two new stories arrive in January

Appointment in January 2021 with the two new stories signed Sky Original and Palomar. The protagonist is Filippo Timi. Here's what's new

Two new episodes of the successful Italian series titled "I Delitti del BarLume" are back. First broadcast on Sky in 2013, it was then made available free-to-air on TV8 in the following years, gaining considerable interest from the public.

The show, produced by Sky Original with Palomar, is based on the novels by Marco Malvaldi and tells the adventures of the community of a small Italian town. The protagonist is Massimo Viviani, a bartender played by Filippo Timi. I Delitti del BarLume is a mix of detective story and comedy. Massimo in fact is a man with a strong investigative instinct and episode after episode is committed to solve the crimes that upset the village where he lives and works. This is an anthology series, in fact in each episode there is a case that opens and closes in the single episode, although there is a sub-plot that binds the entire show. I Delitti del BarLume is a light but quality title, enjoyable to watch. Sky has finally announced two new stories that will arrive in January 2021 also on the NOW TV streaming platform.

The plot of I Delitti del BarLume 2021: what the new episodes are about

The stories change, but the formula remains the same: you will laugh but at the same time you will investigate the new mysteries that upset the fictional town called Pineta (the series is set in Marciana Marina, a town on the island of Elba). The pandemic will come into play, upsetting the everyday life of the town.

The two new episodes are entitled "Mare forza quattro" and "Tana liberi tutti". They are inspired as always by the novels of Marco Malvaldi and written by Roan Johnson, Davide Lantieri, Ottavia Madeddu and Carlotta Massimi.

I Delitti del BarLume 2021: il cast

The new episodes are directed by Roan Johnson and interpreted by a cast full of Italian and foreign talents. The protagonist is Filippo Timi who plays Massimo Viviani, flanked by Lucia Mascino, who is the Commissioner Fusco, Enrica Guidi (the Tizi) and Alessandro Benvenuti (Emo). Among the interpreters of the TV series we also find Atos Davini (Pilade), Massimo Paganelli (Aldo), Marcello Marziali (Gino).

To this is added the participation of Corrado Guzzanti (Paolo Pasquali) and Stefano Fresi (Beppe Battaglia).

I Delitti del BarLume 2021: new episodes release

The two new stories can be watched on 11 and 18 January 2021 at 21:15 on both Sky Cinema and NOW TV and will also be available on demand.

NOW TV is the streaming platform launched by Sky. It was born as a viable alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Infinity and so on. It allows you to watch movies, TV series, but also programs and sporting events simply thanks to the subscription and the internet connection. The cost of the monthly fee changes depending on the type of content you want to watch: sports, movies, TV series and entertainment. I Delitti del BarLume is part of the rich catalog of content Sky Original.