I don’t get WhatsApp notifications: why it doesn’t ring and don’t receive messages

Not receiving or hearing WhatsApp notifications is one of the most common problems users face: here's how to solve it

Why don't I get WhatsApp notifications? Why doesn't WhatsApp ring? How many times have you asked yourself these questions without finding a plausible answer. WhatsApp is one of the applications that have helped smartphones become a ubiquitous figure in the lives of millions of people, but in some cases it has also complicated it. The problem of WhatsApp notifications is one of the worst nightmares, especially for those who can't do without the messaging application.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp notifications don't always work perfectly: in many cases you don't receive messages from your friends or WhatsApp doesn't play and you have a hard time realizing you've received a music note or images. What to do in these cases? Buy a new smartphone? Of course not. This is a very normal problem that can be solved in a few minutes. If you do not receive WhatsApp notifications, there are several causes: lack of data network, problems with the app permissions, problems with the app version.

How to solve problems with WhatsApp notifications

To receive WhatsApp messages you need your smartphone to be configured correctly. If you do not receive notifications from the app, you need to check some features of your smartphone.

First, check if your device is connected to the data network or Wi-Fi network: without an Internet connection it is impossible to receive WhatsApp notifications. If the data network seems to be okay, check if your smartphone is not set to silent. If WhatsApp does not ring, it may be because there is no volume on your phone.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you may have restricted data usage by apps in the background and this is blocking WhatsApp notifications. To check, just go into Settings, then Apps and finally WhatsApp. At this point, press on "Data usage" and make sure that "Limit background app data" is not checked.

Another reason why WhatsApp doesn't ring is the smartphone battery. If you have less than 15-20% battery life, it is very likely that power saving is active which blocks receiving WhatsApp notifications. In these cases, the only solution is to attach the smartphone to the charger.

If you've read this guide and you haven't found a solution to the fact that WhatsApp doesn't ring, all you have to do is update the app to the latest version available. If you have an old version of the app, it may happen that it conflicts with the operating system of your smartphone. To update WhatsApp, just go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and access the section dedicated to app updates.