If you also suffer from phantom vibrations, you’re a smartphone addict

Research confirms a correlation between the time spent on the smartphone and the feeling of experiencing false vibrations, notifications and ringing

In the last few years, among the various addictions, smartphone addiction has been added. Morbid relationship that in some cases can have repercussions on health not only mental, but also physical. Headaches, dizziness and bad mood can be caused by the excessive use of these devices.

There are several researches that recently try to study this new pathological phenomenon, which unfortunately spares no one. To notice it, it's enough to take your head away from the smartphone and look around: everywhere there are people with their heads bowed and their eyes glued on their devices. And at any time, even when sitting around a table. We isolate ourselves, forgetting the most basic rules of communication and especially common sense. Someone is trying to defeat the enemy by challenging it in its own field: a startup, for example, has created a smartphone that fights smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction

Apparently, the situation is more serious than expected, as shown by a study published by Quartz that tried to investigate whether there is a relationship between smartphone addiction and the appearance of some compulsive phenomena. Among which is the phantom sensation of feeling your phone ringing or vibrating. The research started from one point: is there a correlation between the frequency of smartphone use and the perception of hearing false notifications, vibrations or ringing? Do users who spend more time on mobile devices tend more to have these phantom experiences?

Research Results

The researchers administered an online survey to 750 college students. And the results confirmed their initial hypothesis that there is a link between smartphone addiction and the occurrence of these psychological phenomena. The experiences of hearing the phone vibrate or ring have been recorded mainly in those who use the phone to feel better and in people who, when they don't use it, experience a feeling of anger and discomfort.

Smartphones increasingly influential

Hearing phantom sounds is certainly not new. People who spend many hours doing the same tasks over and over again know something about it. However, the research is interesting because it once again demonstrates the role played by smartphones in our lives and how their excessive use can generate unreal experiences, which in some cases should sound an alarm bell.

Smartphones are increasingly influential in our lives.