If you loved Zerocalcare’s series, here’s where to watch the movie

Fans of Zerocalcare's Strappare lungo i bordi series shouldn't miss the movie La profezia dell'armadillo: here's what it's about and where to watch it in streaming

An animated series in 6 episodes that traces the anxieties and hopes of an entire generation. Strappare lungo i bordi by Zerocalcare has become in a few days the most viewed cult series on Netflix in Italy, surpassing even Red Notice and Squid Game.

Behind the great success of Strappare lungo i bordi is the creativity and skill of Michele Rech, the cartoonist known as Zerocalcare, born in Cortona but raised in the Rebibbia district of Rome. His drawing style is reminiscent of Japanese animation, but the traits of his characters are now very recognizable. His stories, on the other hand, are characterized by irony, sarcasm, honesty and even a marked Roman accent, but above all by the ability to tell the world as it is in an honest and transparent way. For those who have watched the six episodes of Tear Along the Edges in one go, and want to know more about Zerocalcare's narrative universe, the film to see is The Armadillo Prophecy. Here's what Zerocalcare's movie is about and where to watch it in streaming.

The Armadillo's Prophecy: what it's about

The Armadillo's Prophecy is not only a movie by Zerocalcare, but also his first comic book published in 2011. The protagonist of the film is Zero himself, a young cartoonist from Rebibbia who lives on precarious jobs, spending his days with his childhood friend Secco and visiting his mother. Waiting for him when he returns home is his conscience, which has the appearance of an armadillo, with which he has unreal conversations.

The film opens with tragic news, the death of Camille, a schoolmate and his first love, which will force him to turn his life around and face the uncertainties and fears of his generation, struggling to find a place in the world, made of precariousness and difficulties even for the most deserving.

The common weave of Zerocalcare's films and series

Those who have seen the films The Prophecy of the Armadillo and the series Tear Along the Edges will not fail to notice the similarities. In both works, as well as in his graphic novels, Zerocalcare narrates his narrative unverse made up of his lifelong friends, such as Sarah and Secco, his mother, represented as Lady Cocca, and the armadillo, who in the Netflix series takes on the voice of Valerio Mastandrea.

The plot of the series partly resumes that of the film. In Tear Along the Edges Zero finds himself dealing with grief over the loss of his friend Alice, who in the film was named Camille, facing a painful journey with his lifelong friends. Two works that, intertwining with each other, seem to want to close a narrative circle around an event that has strongly affected the cartoonist.

La profezia dell'armadillo: dove vederla

Film, television series and book are interconnected in telling a story very dear to Zerocalcare. Those who loved the TV series on Netflix, will also enjoy watching the movie La profezia dell'armadillo, which is available in streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Don't miss La profezia dell'armadillo: subscribe to Prime Video and watch the movie by Zerocalcare

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