If you’re under 13, you can’t sign up for Instagram

Instagram has changed its registration policy and anyone under 13 can no longer sign up. Here's what's changing

If you're under thirteen, you can't sign up for Instagram. Since a few weeks, the social application has changed the security rules by forcing new members to enter their date of birth. Only boys and girls who are at least thirteen years old are allowed, otherwise the registration to the social is rejected.

Instagram has decided to change its policy to ensure greater security for those who use the platform and at the same time ensure privacy for those who sign up. The data on the date of birth, in fact, are not communicated to the outside, but remain saved only in their personal information. In addition to entering the date of birth (which can easily be falsified), the user who signs up is obliged to verify the age. An additional step that may seem unnecessary but in fact it is not.

Because those who sign up for Instagram must be thirteen years old

A bit like it should happen with WhatsApp as well, where the limit for registration is set at a minimum of sixteen years old, boys and girls under thirteen years old cannot register on Instagram. The novelty was implemented a few days ago: those who try to sign up are asked for their date of birth: if under thirteen, the process is blocked.

Why did Instagram decide to change the rules for registration? For a very simple reason: to make the platform more secure and to ensure that people using it are at least thirteen years old.

The date of birth is only required if you link it to your Facebook account, otherwise the synchronization is automatic.