IFA 2019, from translator headsets to 5G: most interesting novelties

The electronics fair in the German capital offered several surprises. A lot of space dedicated to smartphones, but there was no shortage of gadgets for the smart home

Started on September 6, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin better known as IFA 2019 in Berlin has already shown the public the most important tech news of this year.

The main protagonists of the 2019 edition of the most important European electronics fair were undoubtedly smartphones, especially models compatible with the new fast 5G network. This doesn't mean, however, that they were the only ones to attract the attentions of industry insiders: ample space was dedicated to gadgets that have become indispensable, such as headsets, to those far more bizarre as LED backpacks. Also important was the presence of home appliances, obviously smart, which are set to become an important part of our digital lives, and other devices for the smart home.

IFA 2019: 5G smartphones

As widely announced in recent weeks, LG has chosen IFA 2019 to present its first smartphone with three screens: the G8x ThinQ booklet, with two main displays and a third rear. It's not quite ready for the market yet, but it shouldn't be long now. Samsung, on the other hand, unveiled the new Galaxy A50: it's the Korean manufacturer's "for everyone" 5G smartphone, combining the latest technology in networks with an affordable price tag. Much less affordable is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold (encore), presented this time in a more robust version of the previous one. Sony, on the other hand, presented the Xperia 5, successor (with obvious numbering jump) of the Xperia 1.

IFA 2019: earphones with translator

Among the most useful and interesting gadgets seen in Berlin is certainly the whole range of smart earphones from Timekettle. These are earphones-translators, which translate speech in real time in numerous foreign languages. Whether for tourism or business, this is one accessory that can make all the difference when traveling.

IFA 2019: smart devices

More and more smart home devices at electronics trade shows, and IFA 2019 in Berlin is no exception. Philips unveiled the new Signify range of smart light bulbs, the new Hue Smart socket, the new Hue Smart Button switch, the Hue Go portable light bulb and Philips Hue (faux) filament bulbs. Smart switches and sockets also for Italian company Iotty, which, as you'd expect from a line of made-in-Italy items, combines design and technology. Both LG and Samsung, on the other hand, presented models of closets (yes, by now closets are smart too) equipped with an air sanitizer and (in LG's model) a function for drying and ironing clothes. Samsung, on the other hand, has surprised everyone with a cyclonic vacuum cleaner (a direct competitor to the famous Dyson) and a "modular" smart fridge: it is modular, according to the needs of the family, the space available and the design of our kitchen. Of course, it is connected, and equipped with an internal camera.

IFA 2019: the smart TVs

The presence of new smart TV models at IFA 2019 can all be summed up in two letters: 8K. This is the most advanced technology that manufacturers are trying to push, even at the Berlin fair. LG officially unveiled the already announced "Signature" range, which, in addition to having an 8K OLED screen, folds inside the base. Samsung, on the other hand, unveiled new framed TVs from "The Frame" series and a huge 98-inch QLED 8K TV.