IGTV, Internet TV according to Instagram

The famous social media for photos has launched a new feature after reaching one billion users, here's how it works IGTV, Instagram's TV

Instagram reaches one billion active users and to celebrate presents an interesting novelty: IGTV. What is it all about? Simple, it's an Internet TV designed for users subscribed to the social platform for photos owned by Facebook.

IGTV will be structured both as a fixed space within Instagram and as a standalone app. This means that once opened the social for photos we will have a dedicated section where to go to watch the videos made for IGTV, but to make them we will need a separate app. It will be the users themselves, especially the influencers, to make the videos that we will find within IGTV. Each movie uploaded will have a maximum length of one hour, against the limit of 60 seconds valid until now. There is no need to be an influencer to start posting videos on IGTV, any user can do it.

How Instagram TV works

On IGTV videos can only be uploaded vertically, this is because the developers want a user experience designed exclusively for smartphone users. How do we watch a video on IGTV? Simple, we'll just enter the section or launch the app to start watching videos. The app provides us directly with the videos uploaded by our contacts. Contacts that as often happens in the Stories are sorted not only in chronological order, that is, according to when they posted the video on IGTV, but also according to our interaction with them. What does this mean? It means that on IGTV we'll see first the vertical videos of the contacts we follow the most or with whom we have the most interaction, i.e. likes, comments and viewing of Stories. There will still be navigable tabs within the app. The videos in fact are divided into four macro-areas. Videos "For you" or based on our interests, "Following" the videos of our favorite contacts, "Popular" or the most viewed videos on Instagram's IGTV and finally "Continue watching" the section to finish the videos that we had started but not finished.

IGTV, Instagram's vertical TV, is available to all users who have an account on the social media, whether on Android devices, iPhone or Windows Phone. If we can't see the section within Instagram, we can go to the Store and update the application.