Ikea 500 euro voucher, the hoax runs on WhatsApp

A new chain letter has targeted WhatsApp: you receive a message that ensures you receive a 500 euro voucher if you answer 4 questions

A new week begins and scammers return to action on WhatsApp. After the chain letter announcing the return of WhatsApp to pay unless the message was shared with friends, it is back to spread the message-fraud on the gift certificate of Ikea.

This is not the first time the Swedish company is taken as a pretext to scam users. Under the guise of giving away a €500 gift certificate to be used to buy furniture, the scammers manage to get the user's email address and start bombarding him with spam emails also containing viruses and malware. The spread of the message began on the weekend between January 20 and 21 and peaked during the week. In itself, the message text is very simple: "Just in case... I thought it was a rip-off and I just got it!" followed by a link. Clicking on the link redirects you to a site that looks like Ikea's, but is actually run by the scammers.

How the €500 Ikea good scam works

The strategy used by the scammers is no different than other Chains of St. Anthony scams that have been spread in the past. In case the user clicks on the link in the message, you will be directed to a new page where you will have to answer four questions. Completed the test, you will have to send the same message to 15 contacts on WhatsApp and then you can request the voucher by providing your email address. And here comes the scam. We won't receive any voucher, but only spam emails containing viruses and malware.

How to recognize the scam

The clues to recognize that this is a scam are many. Starting from the fact that the Italian used for the message is not perfect. And then it would take a little attention in the analysis of the URL. Even if it seems to be the official one of Ikea, in reality it is not. Moreover, Ikea itself has hastened to deny the existence of the 500 euro voucher through a statement on its website "IKEA ITALIA RETAIL S.R.L. signals its total extraneousness regarding the sending of e-mails or messages through WhatsApp Messenger or Facebook Messenger systems having as object "IKEA 150 Euro shopping voucher", "IKEA 900 Euro shopping voucher", "IKEA 500 euro voucher", "IKEA 75€ anniversary voucher for 75 years"."