Ikea has made a “hidden” wireless charger: how it works

It's called Sjömärke and it's Ikea's latest gimmick: it's a wireless charger that can be hidden under a table

Probably any enthusiast dreams of getting rid of the cables to charge his smartphone or other devices of daily use. The goal is to be able to recharge anywhere, even remotely: the projects are not lacking and Motorola has recently demonstrated, but this kind of solutions still seem quite far away.

They will come, sooner or later. For the moment we have to be satisfied with what the technology and the ingenuity of the producers can do with the current means. When it comes to ingenuity, Ikea has shown over the years that it has little to learn, and demonstrates this once again with a "hidden" wireless charger. It's a mundane solution that you've probably seen before but comes now with Ikea's characteristic simplicity, both in terms of installation and operation. The Ikea wireless charger can be installed under a floor (of suitable material) and thus provide "invisible" power to compatible devices. Without occupying a single square inch on the desk.

Wireless charger Sjömärke: how it is made

The hidden wireless charger of Ikea - it is called Sjömärke - can be secured to the plane with screws (curiously absent from the supply) or with simple tape. The latter solution is not very clean from an aesthetic point of view, but since the wireless charger is under the table or desk, so in fact it is invisible, you may prefer convenience to design.

The only visible element is represented by a cross-shaped sticker to be glued on the visible surface of the plane, so as to always intercept the ideal point where to place the smartphone or other devices equipped with wireless charging to start the process.

Of course, the table, desk or piece of furniture on which to perform the "magic" of invisible wireless charging must be made of a material that does not hinder the process: Ikea indicates plastic or wood as ideal, glass would also be included but, if transparent, the wireless charger would no longer be hidden; thickness of the top between 8 mm and 22.2 mm. Absolutely not for metals and derivatives, which would block the flow of energy from the charger to the device.

Ikea's Sjömärke hidden wireless charger uses the Qi 1.2.4 charging standard, which translates into a theoretical maximum power of 5 watts. So don't expect anything that even remotely resembles a fast charge, you'll be disappointed: 5 watts are few, enough to charge any product but you have to be patient.

Ikea guarantees a safe tool: the wireless hidden charger Sjömärke constantly monitors the energy delivered and the temperature of the process, so as to avoid overheating that could trigger dangerous situations.

Sjömärke wireless charger Sjömärke: availability and price

The sale of the Sjömärke hidden wireless charger for the moment is limited to the USA, where it will actually be available for purchase from October for $39.99.

Still absent from the Italian portal of the multinational, but, despite there is no official statement, we trust that it may arrive here too.