Il grande ritorno su iPhone 13: Apple accontenta i fan

Con l’arrivo di iPhone 13 Apple sembra pronta ad accontentare i fan: potrebbe tornare il sensore touch ID per lo sblocco biometrico


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Mese dopo mese, il lancio della nuova serie di iPhone 13 di Apple si avvicina e le indiscrezioni aumentano. Tra queste, ce n’è una che potrebbe accontentare i fan del melafonino. The great return of a sensor that had been eliminated on iPhone 12: the Touch ID.

The Cupertino company had abandoned the implementation of Touch ID, that is, the fingerprint sensor that allowed the biometric unlocking of the smartphone. In its place, it had launched Face ID: a facial recognition system to achieve maximum security in using the iPhone. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the use of the face mask, however, Face ID has given many problems to those who owned an iPhone and many Apple fans have asked for the return to fingerprints. A request that Apple seems to want to fulfill: Touch ID could return by 2021 and just with the next iPhone 13.

iPhone 13: the return of Touch ID

In 2018 came Apple's decision to equip its new devices with Face ID instead of Touch ID. A change in the system for biometric unlocking from the use of the fingerprint sensor also replaced in iPhone 12 by facial recognition. The 2020 marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of masks brought not a few headaches to users of the applephone, so much so that already in January there was talk of a return of the fingerprint sensor under the screen of iPhones.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous analyst that when it comes to news Apple hardly disappoints, had already predicted last year that the return of touch ID would be by 2021. A news that now seems to find confirmation in the latest rumors about iPhone 13, according to which Apple would have found a way to make the two technologies coexist and we will find the sensor for fingerprints under the screen of the new smartphone of Apple.

iPhone 13: Phone Arena poll

The return of touch ID on the new iPhone 13 would solve the problem of using the faceplate with Face ID, adding a convenient option of biometric unlocking for Apple fans. The quickest solution found by Cupertino was the introduction of a new feature: authentication with Apple Watch for those who own one and wear it on their wrist.

In the meantime, a survey conducted by the Phone Arena website and published on June 22 shows just how one of the features that Apple users miss the most is precisely Touch ID. The survey asked users what features they would like to see on the next iPhone 13 and for 32.68% the answer was the return of the fingerprint sensor. 20.84% then hope for a lower price, while only 13.56% would like to find again the 3.5mm headphone jack. The lack of accessories in the box, a choice launched with iPhone 12, doesn't seem to have affected much: only 8.26% of survey participants would like to see charger and earphones included again.