Ili, the portable translator that speaks all languages

Ili is an intelligent device that can translate more than 50,000 words in an instant, without using an Internet connection. It will be on the market soon

Not knowing the local language can sometimes make a trip a real nightmare. Especially considering that most instant translation systems almost always require an Internet connection to work.

A Japanese company may have come up with a solution, inventing a device that can translate more than 50,000 words without using any connection. The device, in fact, works using only a library of phrases: the most common and used while traveling. Ili, this is the name of the wearable developed by Logbar, records and repeats the translated expression in an instant. And unlike most wearable devices, it doesn't need to integrate with the smartphone. The translator, in fact, thanks to its intelligent and high-performance processor and the integration of some sensors, works in perfect autonomy.

How Ili works

The portable translator is currently able to translate three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. Although the Japanese company is ready to add more. How does Ili work? It will be enough to bring the device close to your mouth, press a button to record the phrase to be translated and reproduce it to the foreign interlocutor.

The tool created by Logbar is, above all, very fast. In fact, the company claims that Ili is able to translate a word in 0.2 seconds. Taking a look at the technical features, the hi-tech object includes two directional microphones, useful for reducing environmental noise, and speakers capable of reproducing a louder and clearer sound than that of smartphones.

Price and release date

At the moment there is no precise information on the price and release date. However, Ili will go on sale by the end of 2017. For now, it is only possible to register on Logbar's site to the Waiting List, through which you will be able to have further updates on the product.

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