Iliad also sells phones: official the first models offered

Iliad has published on its website the pages dedicated to the sale of iPhones, so soon we will find the offers all inclusive smartphone and monthly plan

After helping to enliven the Italian mobile market, Iliad is also preparing to sell smartphones. In fact, on the official website of the company appeared some banners dedicated to the purchase of iPhones, from the new Xs and Xs Max up to the iPhone 7.

If we click on the banners announcing the sale of iPhones on the Iliad website we will open the presentation sheet of each device. The page is identical to the one on the Apple website but we will remain within the portal of the low-cost phone company. At the moment on the Iliad site there is no other information to conclude the purchase of smartphones from Cupertino but, as already announced at the time of the launch of the first SIM and the first prepaid offer from the same company,  soon we will have to see also on Iliad the proposals to buy iPhones in subscription with Iliad monthly plan included.

How to buy iPhone with Iliad

Benedetto Levi, CEO Iliad Italy, had announced during the presentation of Iliad's mobile offers, that the company would soon start selling mobile devices as well. Without specifying, however, if the smartphone would be part of an offer including a tariff plan or if users would be able to buy the smartphone without subscribing to the Iliad offer. A mystery that, at the moment, remains unresolved.

Probable, therefore, that Iliad will propose both modes of purchase: those who want will be able to add the phone to the offer that already has with Iliad (or perhaps sign a new contract) or, at the same time, buy the phone in installments without being forced to become Iliad customer. Just as the purchase modalities remain mysterious, very little is also known about the prices of the iPhones with Iliad: many hope that the phone operator that arrived in Italy in May 2018 repeats the same operation done with the prices of the tariff plans, giving users the opportunity to buy iPhone Xs or iPhone Xr at a discounted price.

For Iliad, the choice to also have subscription smartphones with associated data plan and minutes is one of the last missing pieces to counter the competition of the operators active in Italy for several years, such as Vodafone, Tim or Wind Tre. The mobile operator has also recently reached 2.23 million active users in our country. The choice of not only putting on sale the latest iPhones, Xs and Xs Max, but also the iPhone 7 and Iphone 8 also makes us understand that Iliad will have subscription plans for all budgets.