Iliad, better coverage with new 4G and 5G network

Iliad signs a strategic agreement with Cellnex that will allow the operator to improve 4G and 5G coverage in the coming years

After making its debut in May 2018 and winning 3.3 million users in just over 10 months, Iliad is ready to make the leap into the Italian market by focusing on better quality of service offered. To do so, Iliad aims in the coming years to extend the coverage and increase the connection speed of the 4G and 5G network.

Iliad announced that it has closed a strategic agreement with Cellnex, one of the main players in the market of towers in Europe (the infrastructure used by telephone operators to spread the signal and coverage), which will allow the company to play a leading role in the new challenge to 5G. The agreement signed between Iliad and Cellnex provides for the sale by the telephone operator of 100% of the telecommunications infrastructure business and includes about 2,200 sites for an amount of about 600 million euros. The sale is part of a long-term plan that will lead Iliad to a development of its own 4G and 5G network.

Iliad, what will change in the next few years

After innovating the Italian market with super advantageous "all inclusive" offers, Iliad wants to focus on building the loyalty of its users by offering an increasingly better service. And to do so, it has decided to improve the coverage and speed of its 4G and 5G network (it will arrive in Italy between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020).

The strategic deal signed with Cellnex also includes the signing of a long-term performance agreement between the Italian operator and towerco that will allow Iliad to develop its mobile sites and to reach more than 3500 installed radio sites by the end of the year. With this agreement Iliad's coverage is expected to improve and users will enjoy a better service for the same cost. Iliad is guaranteed access to an infrastructure that is widespread throughout the Italian territory and ensures an almost complete coverage.

A further step forward will happen with the arrival of 5G. The new superfast network will allow Iliad to offer its customers a download and upload speed never reached in Italy and the possibility to watch content on demand without interruptions.